Content Ideas for Targeting Millennials in Health Care

Millennials account for 72 to 80 million people in the United States. They are more likely to go online to find a doctor instead of using the one their parents’ used or asking friends and coworkers for referrals. They want fast, online access, and they want to be educated as much as they want traditional health-care services. For modern medical providers, this means that it’s time to change the way your office is represented online.

Health-care marketers today are targeting millennials because their purchasing power worldwide stands at $2.45 trillion. Millennials are accustomed to an environment that is self-enlightening, mobile, and efficient. They can tell when content is canned and are looking for authentic and engaging pieces that add value to their lives. When health-care facilities fail to offer that type of content online, they may be losing out on opportunities.

Here are some great ways all health-care services can start tapping into the millennial market for better online visibility, engagement, and return on investment (ROI):

  • Highlight expediency – Millennials do not want to sit in a doctor’s office for an hour and a half for a minor problem. They want health-care services to be fast and their health ailments to be fixed as quickly as possible. Health-care services that offer multiple outlets for communication and develop content around that idea are far more likely to capture the attention of millennials looking for health services.
  • Focus on compliance – Since millennials are interested in efficient medical services, they are also more likely to stop their medicine regimen when they start to feel better. Health-care services that take the time to show patients the reasoning behind pharmaceutical compliance make it more likely that the patient will complete the full course of a treatment.
  • Explain medical billing – The health-care industry has not been well known for its transparency. While certain things, like patient confidentiality, should be protected, millennials are interested in a high degree of transparency when it comes to medical billing. Millennials are more likely to confront a health-care provider about associated costs. Health-care offices that explain their billing policies are more likely to earn their patients’ trust. Additionally, it may be beneficial to include content that covers how individuals can talk with health-care providers about payment plans and to receive discounts.
  • Diversify your posting platforms – Millennials use social media on a regular basis. Post reminders, fun facts, and topical news to several social media platforms in addition to your blog. Exercise and health articles are great but are a dime a dozen. Try to focus your content on a certain problem or location.
  • Consider holding a live social media Q&A – With the right disclaimer, you can start a live forum with one or more of your physicians. Invite patients to bring questions they don’t mind asking in public and provide personalized responses that may benefit all the people in attendance and those who read the thread later on. Some physicians are already using Facebook for question-and-answer sessions like this.
  • Emphasize the experience – A patient will stick with a health-care provider who focuses on the experience from the time an individual steps into the office until they receive a reminder for their next appointment. Social media can be a great place for discovering patient feedback and continuing to engage with patients after visits.

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Content Ideas for Specific Health-Care Practices

The more specific you can make your content, the more likely it is that it will really strike a chord with someone. By focusing on the problems that you’re seeing in your practice on a daily basis, you may be able to help a whole community with advice. Here are some content ideas for specific types of offices:

  • Dentist – Try incorporating video into your content to help people improve their dental hygiene. Have a hygienist or a dentist demonstrate the right way to floss, brush teeth, or use mouth wash. Focus on lifestyle pieces that add value to patients who may not make it to the dentist as recommended. To improve compliance, use social media as a forum for reminders.
  • Internists/Primary Care Physicians – As a general wellness physician, you have a wealth of information to use in your content posting. Try to make your posts action-oriented and backed by research. Millennials tend to be college-educated and are interested in finding well-researched information that they can use to proactively monitor their health. Quizzes and surveys can also be valuable tools that are fun for users and provide insight into the community that a doctor’s office can use. Outlining what a first-time or annual checkup is like can also help millennial patients feel more comfortable with making and keeping an appointment.
  • Optometrists/Ophthalmologists – Prevention is key for many eye problems. Create short, actionable, posts for blogs and social media, and highlight when new technology makes a procedure/detection better or more reliable. One innovative new company is offering remote eye exams. How does your brick and mortar office compete?
  • Gynecologists/Obstetricians – Women’s health is extensively covered by magazines and third parties, but rarely ever by a practice itself. Make your mark as an innovative practice by demystifying the experience, sharing trending stories empowering women, and offering practical tips for common questions. There is a huge demand for reliable content in this field that can make any women’s health specialist stand out from the crowd.

Online portals are just the beginning of technology integration in the health-care space. The facilities that can keep up with the demand for remote care, preventive medicine, and consistent communication are the ones that millennials will ultimately choose for as their regular providers. With innovative technologies coming to the market regularly, it’s not a matter of if technology is going to change health care, it is a matter of when.

Health-care facilities like yours can improve their reach to millennials by meeting them halfway. Posting regularly on social media and offering engaging content can improve your facility’s online visibility and earn it credit in the online community. Exceptional content highlighting your service offerings, technological integration, and overall focus on experience can elevate your practice above other providers. Can you say that your health-care facility is doing enough marketing to bring millennial patients to your doors?

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