Content Marketing and the Solopreneur

It’s always great to see a business doing really impressive things with its content marketing. It goes to another level entirely when one person can single-handedly build something like that up on his own.

Don Cooper, the Sales Heretic, is that person.

Don’s got some great content strategy in place between his website and social media efforts. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Content Segmentation

As soon as you land on Don Cooper’s site, the content segmentation is right in front of you. It’s neither too loud, nor too quiet. Once you identify your purpose, you’re presented with several options for content that might be of interest for you.

In browsing through this content (across all of the segmented pages), something that I really enjoyed was the subtle sense of humor. For example, there are pages such as “Who IS This Guy?” and “Things Don Won’t Say” that let you know that Don Cooper doesn’t mess around; he gets down to it.  At the same time, he doesn’t take himself so seriously that his content is going to be dry and uninteresting.

In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Takeaway: Whether you’re a business or a party of one, your website can benefit from content segmentation. It helps people to streamline their experience on your site, which means they feel like it was custom-created for them. That’s a feeling that customers and clients like to have, and it keeps them coming back.


Don’s blog is full of content that’s relevant to his industry. It’s well thought out and serves the additional purpose of giving you an idea of what you can expect if you hire Don for a speaking engagement.

Takeaway: Write what’s relevant to your industry and let your work speak for your knowledge on a particular subject. This lets your potential customers know that you know what’s going on around you and you have something to contribute to the conversation.


Twitter is where Don shines. He’s very active on the platform and well-rounded as Twitter users go. What do I mean by that? Well, he doesn’t constantly promote his own posts. He’s promoting content from others just as much, if not more. He’s interacting with his followers and he’s gracious – always thanking those who have re-tweeted or otherwise promoted him.

Takeaway: Get to know your following and build relationships with them. Use Twitter as a way to network, and you never know what kind of opportunities will arise.


Overall, as a solopreneur, Don Cooper is doing a wonderful job of marketing himself through high quality, informative content. He’s active on Twitter and building relationships that way, as well. This goes to show that content marketing isn’t just for big brands or even small businesses. It can be for the individual, as well.

What other solopreneurs are rocking content marketing? Who else would you like to see featured in this space?

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