4 Times Phil Schiller Showed Us What Being a Marketing Boss Looks Like

 If you don’t know who Phil Schiller is, Google him – you’ll be glad you did. Phil Schiller is Apple’s Marketing Chief, but this is just his official title. In reality, Schiller is a technology guru, mega media influencer, and social marketer extraordinaire.What makes Schiller so great? For starters, he isn’t afraid to troll the … [Read more...]

GI Joe: A Content Marketing Hero

Not many children’s toys have staying power like G.I. Joe. Known as the “Real American Hero,” G.I. Joe was created in the midst of the 1940s and became the original “action figure” in the 1960s. G.I. Joe was designed to appeal to boys as it offered a more masculine alternative to Barbie’s male counterpart, Ken. Although G.I. Joe was popular from … [Read more...]

Turning Up the Noise: What Punk Rock Can Teach Content Marketing

Confession time: I thought I was “alternative” in middle school because I dressed in black and listened to obscure music. Sound familiar? Lately I’ve been looking back on my adolescence with a mix of affection and embarrassment – but I have also realized, oddly enough, that my weird taste in music has its own merits when it comes to marketing … [Read more...]

Why Your Clients’ Content Matters Too

Marketing your content with social media platforms such as Facebook and Tumblr requires special attention in order to keep your followers interested. That’s the nature of social media, after all: you want to make sure that your brand is posting content that is interactive and engaging to followers. But what about your followers’ content? Following … [Read more...]

4 Content Marketing Tips from Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali, despite his acclaim, is not one of the top-selling artists of all time. In fact, many people are turned off by his work because of its powerful messages and suggestive themes. However, type “surrealism” into your favorite search engine and chances are Dali’s crazy mustache or wild paintings will be floating near the top of the … [Read more...]

People Are Weird: A Brief Introduction to the Impending Exploration of Unconventional Internet Usage

There are people in this world – human beings like you and me, I tell you – who are completely abusing the Internet.  Here they are, hunched over keyboards, staring into Steve Jobs’ deep space Retina Display, and they’re using the Internet to ask questions like, “What are some weird ways to use a fork?”And then, someone else by the name of … [Read more...]