Using Content and Other Means to Enforce Your Brand and Trade Name

small business copywriting to enforce your brandIf you are a small business owner, your brand may not seem as important as that of say Target or Coca Cola, but don’t be deceived because, in reality, it is. So you may be wondering, how can I enforce my brand and trade name across different platforms, in the digital age? The following are five tips to remember when enforcing your brand.

1.     Organize your website content in an easily-accessible way.

Make sure to reinforce your brand throughout your copy—a great way to do this is to enlist the help of small business copywriting. Overall, avoid trying to be “cute,” by keeping things simple, professional, and yet memorable.

2.     Allow your viewers to sign up for a newsletter from your website.

Include relevant information about your business, news that pertains to your customers, and the occasional special deal. Remember, each week that your name pops up in their inbox like clockwork, your brand is being reinforced in your consumers’ minds.

3.     Send out press releases that tell about your company and what you can provide-

many websites will let you publish articles about your business, as will local newspapers. The more coverage you get, the more your brand is established.

4.     Use your logo whenever possible-

in your signature on emails, at the top of your newsletters, in press releases, etc.  Don’t give in to the urge to redesign on a whim. Let your logo remain steady, and it will begin to be recognizable.

5.     Try using hashtags on Twitter.

Research available hashtags, choose one, and use it regularly. Encourage your employees and customers to use it and you might even end up in the trending topics. Ideally, your business will become associated with that hashtag, and thus it will become part of your branding. Use hashtags for events, special deals, and pertinent information about your business.

The most important thing to remember when maintaining a brand is to keep things consistent across all of your marketing endeavors. Whether it is on your press releases, your storefront, or your twitter account, make sure that the information about your company remains uniform. Small business copywriting can help you to achieve this consistency, because having a skilled writer maintain your image is invaluable.

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