Trying To Quit Your Day Job? Building Your Freelance Career In 5 Hours A Week

Freelancing is an excellent opportunity for anyone with a marketable skill and some extra time on their hands. If you’ve got a day job that isn’t what you hoped it would be, or you’d like to do something else at a professional level that you haven’t had the opportunity to do, there’s no better time than right now to make that opportunity for … [Read more...]

Too Much of a Good Thing? When Branding Goes Bad

There’s nothing worse than alienating your audience.  Unfortunately, that alienation can occur in one fell swoop when a bad copywriter gets to run the show.  There are countless examples of a company’s brand being ruined by bad copywriting (which is probably just a part of a bad content strategy).The following examples should serve as little … [Read more...]

A Blog is Like a Fine Bottle of Wine

Like many writers, I have a strong love for the vino.  I've traveled the world in my day, and have sampled the local brew at every stop along the way.  Kumyz in Kyrgyzstan, sho-chu in Japan, Fenny in India, soju in South Korea, Sakkara in Egypt… and the list (somewhat embarrassingly) goes on.  But I figure if you're going to travel, you might as … [Read more...]

Why Google Doesn’t Want You To Play The Game

Enough is Enough and Enough is too Much: Google and its Hatred of SEOIf you're looking to work with a content writing service, it's likely because you're hip to the SEO scene. You understand that you need to work with a talented and knowledgeable copywriter to help you write your way to the top of the Google charts. You've read blog posts, … [Read more...]

Why Your Content Writing Service Needs Access To Your Analytics

Content writing service is a pretty vague term and in this economy that term is becoming even larger by the second. It used to be that someone who did content writing only wrote the words on a website’s static pages. The things like your About Us page, Home page and that sort of thing.Nowadays the term “content writing service” includes any … [Read more...]

All You Need Is Love: The Secret To Real Content Success

[buzzsprout episode='42881' player='true']As a content writer, I always like to stay on top of my game.  This is for two main reasons - the first being that writing is my livelihood, and if I'd like to keep my livelihood, well, lively, I'd better be on top of it, and the second being that I like to read about writing.  I like to read about most … [Read more...]