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A content writing service is a business that specializes in writing content for the web.  Content writing services are distinct from advertising services, though some advertising services do offer content.  The difference between a content writing service and an advertising company is that content isn’t always advertising – or at least, it’s not the same kind of advertising as it is traditionally understood.

Of course, the majority of content writers are perfectly capable of writing sales copy; however, this is not the main bread and butter for most of them.  Content writing services tend to focus on another kind of writing – that which has popularly come to be known as “inbound marketing.”

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In essence, a content writer creates the content that draws the visitor in to the site.  If you’ll notice, the vast majority of websites on the internet don’t start off with “buy now” on the front page – there is a pointed effort to inform and/or entertain the consumer before showing them to the purchase page.  This can be accomplished in a number of different ways: through blogs, white papers, articles, static site content, ebooks, and more.

Content writing companies produce all of this with aplomb.  It is also important to remember that content writers are not SEO writers – while SEO is definitely a component in content writing, it’s more about establishing a relationship with the customer through the spreading of information.  The internet has become a powerful tool in the hands of consumers – most people will want to be assured that a company understands what they’re talking about before they buy.

Customers have always been concerned about quality, but prior to the internet it was much harder to get information about services outside of magazines like Consumer Reports.  Now that Google has revolutionized the way that we consume information, the customer heads to the internet to get information about products and companies.  You want your company to stand tall with quality content.

And that’s where the content writing services come in.  Content writing doesn’t necessarily sell your product – they sell your company and expertise to the customer.  In turn, this leads to conversions when your content gains the customer’s trust.  This is what content writing services do, and in order to maximize website conversions, the services offered are invaluable!

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