The Copywriter’s Guide to Analytics

Whether you are a copywriter or you have hired one, you’ll want to look at the Copywriter’s Guide to Analytics.
This short guide (just 2,500 words) covers:

  • Copywriting General Rules – the quick and dirty version of what you need to make sure is happening on your site for optimal conversions!
  • Stage One: Building a Solid Foundation – the laymen’s definition of those Google Analytics terms so you can decipher all those graphs!
  • Stage Two: The Effects of Copywriting on These Valuable Stats – the cause and effect relationship of good copywriting and GA. Also, practical advice to increase your conversions!
  • Stage Three: Leveraging Analytics to Fuel Copywriting – how your GA dictates future copywriting efforts!
Click above for your free .pdf download! (Yes, really!  No strings attached.)


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