Visions of the Future – How to Create Content in 2013

With 2012 now a memory, many are wondering what 2013 will hold for the content marketing world. Content Equals Money’s own Amie Marse is featured in a recent Content Marketing Institute post on what content marketers can expect from the new year, but I won’t spoil it here.

Here are some ideas of what you can do to improve your content marketing in 2013.

Go Social

There are a lot of content marketing bloggers talking about social media as the next web and how it’s going to change the sphere of how our work in the content marketing world will be done. While those predictions might seem out of date, they are really just talking about the shift towards a more human aspect to the content work you are creating. Giving that content a face, even something as simple as a profile photo, can really help people connect to it.

People’s use of social media sites has grown rapidly over the last year, with 20% of time on personal computers and 30% of time on mobile devices being spent in the social media world. Social media isn’t going anywhere, even with the current deflated attitude towards many social media sites in light of some Terms of Service changes we’ve seen over the last year.

Seriously, Go Social

With blogs like BundlePost noting that “2013 is About Wearing Social Media Shoes,” it really is that big of a deal to have a social media component to your content marketing work locked down. A key part of the imagery used in the title, the shoe, is also really relevant to how you might want to work in the social media sphere.

Part of being involved in more social media is knowing that Facebook isn’t the only game in town too. Twitter, blogging sites, LinkedIn, even photo sites like Pinterest and Instagram can be tools in your content marketing campaigns. Also, the capacity to cross-post content to more than one of these social sites at a time can be a very useful way of building up your posting without needing to over-inflate the amount of content you’re creating.

 Know Your Vision. Stick to It. 

Another important thing to look at in 2013 is what your mission is. It sounds like a simple thing to do, but knowing your direction – the path that your content is trying to chart or follow – is an easily forgotten part of any good content marketing strategy.

Take Rand Fishkin’s simple content marketing principles

“The fundamentals of what I tried to present, though, are things I solidly believe in:

  • That success is driven by learning from experimentation and failure
  • That content’s goal is not simply links nor SEO, but to earn the awareness, affection and trust of potential customers
  • That committing to a vision that requires sacrifice, sweat equity and tolerance of failure is the best way to earn inbound marketing success in the long term”

Figure out the simple points that make up your manifesto and commit. What’s your “don’t be evil,” a la Google? Know the mantra that will keep you on-task, on-schedule, and (perhaps most importantly) on-mission.

Something as basic as stating your goals and knowing what is right for you in terms of getting there can really keep you in the right headspace to work hard when times are hard. Keep in mind that the same thing can keep you from straying away from your mission when times are easy. Having that strong focus on your content strategy will keep you ready for whatever comes your way.

The Trend is the Thing

Beyond looking within, make sure you also know what’s going on without. What are the trends that might define the content marketing landscape in the future? PR Daily noted a few content marketing trends to look out for in 2013, including:

  • Specialization in jobs – Specializing in one part of the content field, be it marketing, social media knowledge, or anything else in the field, is becoming a more important factor in the increasingly specific hiring world. Know your skills and work to improve them to help specialize yourself and your content.
  • Content curation – Curating content can be a great way to fill voids in your schedule, as well as exposing your work to a new influx of visitors. See if the curated content’s original creator would be interested in generating cross-posts to work with each of your sites as well. Collaboration…well, give me a second.
  • Collaboration – working together to build a larger and higher-quality pool of content to work with will help build a better brand. Think about bringing in people from other departments and working together to see what new doors can be unlocked.
  • Create once, publish everywhere (COPE) – building versatility into your content allows you to maximize the use of that content in the space. Know what you’re making and plan for the various locations it can be used for. Can a longer piece be split up into tweets? Can it be used as the script for a podcast? Build out from the seed of an idea into a tree filled with branches for that idea to flourish in!
  • Stronger focus on content strategy – hey, I mentioned that earlier!

With these trends and ideas in your toolbelt, you should be well on your way to a great 2013!

What do you think will define 2013 in terms of content marketing?

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