6 Creative Ways Companies Are Using Vine

vineVine, the mobile Twitter app for creating quick videos, is continuing to grow in popularity. More and more brands are now using Vine for marketing in creative ways. As with any social media platform, the trick with Vine is to not just create videos, but to create videos that engage with customers and encourage sharing. In the following 6 ways, smart companies are attracting a large audience.

1. Engaging With Customers

One way to use Vine is to engage with customers directly. Honda recently responded to customer tweets using real-time Vine videos as a component of their new ad campaign. They asked users to tweet why they needed a new car with the hashtag “#wantnewcar” and then uploaded Vine videos on the same day that were custom made in response to these tweets.

Simon & Schuster also used Vine to engage their customers in conversation about what books to read. Rather than simply asking what followers were reading, they encouraged users to pick their #Fridayreads with “Reading Roulette,” a Vine video showing different books.

2. Showing New Products

Many companies successfully use Vine to showcase new products and start new campaigns. Taco Bell created a video to promote their upcoming Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos. Internet Explorer also created a campaign on Vine called “Not Your Father’s Browser” that showed the new features of IE 10 with hilarious scenes.

3. Going Behind the Scenes

Other brands use Vine to give followers exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at their company. NBC News retweeted a Vine video of news correspondent Keir Simmons traveling into the Austrian Alps before a live broadcast. In addition, major fashion brand Marc Jacobs uses Vine to show followers the inside of their headquarters and stores. They often show videos of what their employees are wearing as well as celebrity interviews.

4. Making a Tutorial

Some brands also engage users by creating tutorials that are relevant to their products. Oreo has used Vine to publish instructional videos with creative ways to use their cookies. Furthermore, Lowe’s has used Vine for a series of 6-second home improvement tips that have been widely successful in attracting views from Vine users.

5. Creating Contests

Another effective way to use Vine is to create and market contests. Urban Outfitters was one of the first brands to do this; they partnered with Converse for a contest in which users submitted Vine videos of themselves wearing Chuck Taylor shoes to win prizes. Cadbury UK also used Vine to introduce a new creation and had users retweet their video to win a sample.

6. Giving Educational Lessons

Finally, other companies have used Vine to create educational videos relevant to their services. General Electric led a #6secondscience campaign to make science fun for kids and to promote their products. The San Francisco Zoo also posts educational videos of their animals, such as the poison dart frog, to attract visitors.

How does your company use Vine?

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