Cyber Monday Set for Record

Despite all of the attention that the media and stores give to that special Friday after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, there is another great shopping day during the year. That day, of course, is Cyber Monday. For agencies large and small, working with clients for Cyber Monday should be a rewarding and interesting task.

Cyber Monday came into our consumer conscious back in 2005, when used the term Cyber Monday in a title of one of their press releases. It soon became obvious to analysts that online shopping skyrocketed on the Monday after Thanksgiving, even after Black Friday shopping. Thus a new consumer holiday was born, and it’s happening once again today.

A lot goes into setting up deals and promotions for an online outfit to have a successful cyber Monday. The day provides a great opportunity for your clients to take advantage of increased web traffic, social media, and promotions to build their presence on the web. This year is no different, and there is still time to give clients a boost from Cyber Monday.

Why Pay Attention to Cyber Monday?

According to Brad Tuttle today for Time, “There’s near universal consensus that total online sales on Cyber Monday 2012 will blow away previous records.” That’s a bold claim, but predictions do appear to be forecasting this.

Brad goes on to say why this will likely be the case – first of all, “nonstore sales,” which are sales made remotely through the net or phone, are likely to see “sales growth of 15% to 17%” over the holiday season. In addition to this, Cyber Monday is known to be the biggest day for online shopping of the year. But surveys are showing important changes in the way Americans shop.

Some consumer surveys have shown that over 60% of Americans plan to do their holiday shopping online. At least the majority of their transactions will be online. That’s an impressive shift in the seven years since Cyber Monday became a real consumer holiday. Few, if any, days can match the amount of determined online shoppers that we see on a day like today.

Success for Cyber Monday?

According to John Shcriffen at ABC News, “Shoppers are expected to spend more than $1.5 billion today.” This is at least a 20 percent increase over the previous year. If the predictions are true, Cyber Monday truly is a consumer holiday that can stand on its own. Despite the fact that online retailers got an early jump on the online deals, Cyber Monday still expects to deliver.

Making the Most of it

Agencies catering to clients in retail have likely been very busy this past week in anticipation of Cyber Monday. Days like Cyber Monday are days where content marketing and the work of insourced writers can really pay off. Quality content helps boost your client’s visibility on the web. If no one knows about your site, there’s no way you’ll benefit from Cyber Monday.

In addition to that, social media will play an increasingly important role in Cyber Monday and throughout the rest of the holiday shopping season. Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are all great ways to announce promotions, offer special deals, and more to bring in the consumers on this day and beyond. However you do it, preparing for Cyber Monday and implementing a well-designed plan to take advantage of the many e-shoppers out there. Best of luck to you!

How have you prepared for Cyber Monday?

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