Define Your Voice & Personify Your Blog to Attract Like-Minded Customers

If you’re running a hip and edgy business, you want that tone to be reflected on your blog. You want big personality, a casual, fun atmosphere, and conversational tones. You aim to sound professional, but not robotic and sterile.

On the other hand, if your goal is to brand your business as a group of straight-laced professionals, the last thing you want is for your blog to sound too casual. In fact, you’re probably looking for a more formal tone.

A content writer’s ability to match the voice of a blog’s targeted audience is crucial.

When you’re blogging for business, regardless of what brand image you’re trying to create with your blog, you need to go all in. Don’t be afraid to be who you are and represent your business for what it is. Readers will appreciate a healthy dose of personality.

There’s some marketing psychology at play here, of course, but the idea is that when you create a strong voice and thus personify your blog, like-minded customers will be drawn to your content. They’ll see a little of themselves in your brand.

Think about your target audience. If you’re selling a product that’s geared toward teenage girls, the voice of your brand shouldn’t sound like a middle-aged woman. Tap into that authenticity (yes, even if that means an afternoon of hanging out at the mall, eavesdropping on teenage girls).

Likewise, if you’re a B2B brand trying to attract other industry professionals to your business blog, you probably don’t want your content writer to make it sound like your posts were written by a 13 year old girl.

Here’s something interesting, though: If you’re targeting men in your content marketing campaign, it’s worth noting that the vast majority of men prefer a female voice.

So would it work both ways, then? Do women prefer men’s voices in campaigns directed at them? Surprisingly, no. Women also prefer women’s voices.

This is audibly speaking, of course, but if you can create those voices authentically in your writing, you’re likely to find yourself with similarly appealing content. Voice is, after all, a huge part of your blog’s overall personality.

And if you’re having trouble finding those authentic voices, here are a few tips to help you get started.

5 Tips for Finding Your Blog’s Voice

1. Observe People. Go out and find your target audience. Listen to them talk. Talk to them. Find out what they like and how they sound. Emulate that on your blog.

2. Study major brands. Seek inspiration from those who have gone before you and look at how they’ve given their content some personality.

Any product can become a lifestyle brand, and this is a great way to flex your pipes, as it were. Think about a brand like Tampax, for example. It could be potentially difficult to find a voice for marketing tampons, but Tampax has created a content marketing campaign with a voice full of girl power.
3. Read other blogs to observe their approaches. Visit other blogs in your industry (even your direct competitors). See what they’re doing right, and find some areas where you can improve. Obviously you don’t want to rip off their technique, but studying their approach can help you discover different facets of your own brand voice.
4. Watch TV shows and movies – yes, really! You could watch TV shows or movies with characters whose voices are similar to the one you’re trying to accomplish on your blog. When you immerse yourself in a voice this way, you begin to subconsciously emulate that character – thinking, acting, and talking as he or she would. This will help you create a similar voice when personifying your blog.

5. Read fiction! Because I’m a total book nerd (as well as a former English teacher), my top piece of advice, by far, is to read fiction. I’m inclined to agree with Joey Strawn – there’s just no better way to improve your writing (including your use of voice, and thus personality).

The best and most effective writers are readers. If you’re trying to recreate a certain voice to give your blog some charisma, get lost in a book. It’s a little bit of TLC and relaxation time for you, and it can do great things for your blog’s voice (and your content strategy).

How have you approached giving your blog some personality? What’s worked? What hasn’t? Let us know in the comments!

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Renee is a writer currently living in Central Pennsylvania (whatever you've heard is probably true). In addition to writing for CEM, she serves as the Managing Editor for Business 2 Community and pursues her dream of once again renting her own apartment (preferably in Philadelphia), if only to house her ever-growing collection of books. She received a BA in English from Susquehanna University and an MA in English from George Mason. She's still waiting for someone to write a song about her life so she can just quote the lyrics for her author bios. Catch up with her on Twitter , LinkedIn, or

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