Developing a Content Strategy

You’ve heard the expression, “anything worth doing is worth doing well.” Not to mince words, but that’s the crux between just starting a company blog and developing a content strategy.

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Repurposing Content[/stextbox]

A content strategy is not limited to a blog, In fact, it’s been established that something like 72% of companies have started a corporate blog in the last 4 years. Unfortunately, many of those same companies have also stopped blogging. Typically the reason for a stale blog is either:

They ran out of resources. Perhaps the internal staff lost interest or there weren’t sufficient funds to keep it going.


They didn’t see any results.  This makes sense: writing a blog without a strategy is like sending mailings to a generic list.

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The Relationship Between Social & Content Marketing

Define Your Voice & Personify Your Blog to Attract Like-Minded Customers

What Lead Automation can do for Business Conversions[/stextbox]

When you plan a content marketing strategy, you take into consideration a wide variety of ideas and concepts. For example, you have a very clear value proposition for your company. This is more than your elevator pitch for a funding opportunity. This is the message your company has to share with the world.

Building upon that message, you then establish how you are going to personify your brand. This could be the type of people your company employs or the type of person that your target audience is attracted to.

And speaking of your target audience, it’s incredibly important that you not only narrow down their pain and pleasure points but also their buying cycle. All of these big picture concepts go into an intelligent content strategy.

Your content strategy is not limited to words, not one bit. In fact repurposing your content across different mediums is a powerful way to increase your reach.

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