The Difference in Sales Copywriting and Content Writing

Difference in Sales Copywriting and Content Writing You’re likely well aware that the written word conveys a lot of power – having access to a team of strong, talented writers enhances the endeavors of any business or operation.  But what you might be less aware of are the different kinds of writers out there – two of the most commonly used (and commonly confused) varieties of writing are sales copywriting and content writing.  While both varieties of writing are useful in the modern business arena, they have very different definitions and purposes.

Sales copywriting usually comes out of advertising boutiques.  This sort of writing is generated in order to be sales-y – often at the expense of full disclosure.  After all, the point of sales copywriting is to directly and overtly hook the reader in.

Content writing, however, is an entirely different beast.  The point of content writing is to fill a website with informative copy that may or may not also be persuasive.  It is entirely possible to have content writing use a sales bent – after all, the end result of putting any sort of copy on your website is to increase conversions.  But content writing is also much more versatile.  Content writing covers everything from recent topics on your blog, to your informational articles, to your press releases.  All of these require a complexity and difference in tone that straight sales copy does not possess.

In short, in order to make your business be the best it can be – and to increase web conversions – employing the skills of content writers is a must.  Good content writers can help your website get the attention of Google and other major search engines – and the solid content that the writers can imbue your website with helps build your reputation as an informational source.  Content writing hooks in both the search engines and the customer – the former due to creative use of keywords, and the latter for the true information you’ll be giving them!

Sales copywriting also occupies a space in the general world of web writing – but its role is much more limited than many business owners expect.  Don’t just sell your product – inform your customers and rise up in the Google rankings with content writing!

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    1. I agree with jon. Your product is based on the way your customer feels after doing business with you. Product is a feeling. What a crazy thought lol. Great article!

    2. As companies like Apple have discovered, part of selling a product is selling an entire story around a product. Apple has created a story of what it’s products represent and have built a relationship with it’s fans. Content writing is much the same. You are showing the content of your company beyond just the products and services you offer.

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