Different Ways to Organize Your E-mail Marketing Lists

e-mail marketingWhen it comes to the internet, the world is your audience.  Publishing something to the web makes it visible to everyone with internet access, despite your specified target audience.

In order to make your e-mail marketing campaign more focused, you can organize your subscriber list in many different ways.  By categorizing certain followers, you can make sure that you are getting the best information to those who will receive it in the best way and hopefully see increased success from your e-mail marketing efforts.

Categorizing by:

Age:  This is one of the most standard ways to identify a target audience, a way that makes it very easy to keep your newsletters age-appropriate.  Those messages aimed at a younger crowd, for example, will be extremely different than those aimed at a 50+ crowd.

Location:  This categorization may not be as important for those businesses that work solely from the internet, but it is a significant factor for those that operate offline.  Making a separate list for each location allows you to get promotion information to those who are most affected by it and promote specific events with more accuracy.

Customer History:  This method of categorizing refers to attention to those products or services in which the customer has been most interested in the past.  A customer who bought an at-home facial product, make-up, or perfume, for example, would likely be more responsive to the introduction of a new beauty product.  Similarly, if a customer has asked about a certain product, they should be added to a list specific to future updates surrounding that particular product.

Preference:  Categorizing your audience based on preference is the best way to keep everyone happy and satisfied.  If you have a subscription list, this means that you have a way for people to subscribe to your mailings.  Consider listing different categories on the subscription page, allowing users to choose which areas interest them most.  Those who show a preference for “Discounts and Coupons,” “Inventory Updates,” or “Contests,” for example, would only receive newsletters that fit into that category.

Categorizing subscribers can save time, money, and energy, as well as increase profits.  By molding your marketing plan into a targeted, efficient machine there is no end to the potential for success. Most email marketing services (including our personalized MyEmma.com service) provides easy ways to diagnose your audience for maximum impact.

This post was written by Serena, a staff writer here at ContentEqualsMoney.com. If you would like to connect with Serena for your email marketing campaigns shoot us an email via info@contentequalsmoney.com.





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