Does Your Brand Have a Clear Personality?

toaster strudelSecuring loyal customers and clients isn’t just about the products and services you offer. It’s also about the personality of your brand – and how clearly you can convey it! After all, your branding is the first impression of your business that customers and clients get, and it plays a large role in whether or not they can differentiate you from your competition. Let’s take a look at a few ways that marketers can use their campaigns to send a clear message about what their brand stands for, all the while making it memorable and distinctive.

#1 Show People In Brand Materials

One of the most immediate ways to demonstrate a brand personality is to show people with personalities in your branding materials. The photos on your website, in your brochure, and on any print ads from billboards to circulars should contain people acting and dressing in ways that align with your brand. A clean-cut person in a business suit will categorize your brand far differently than a cool college student!

#2 Take a Stand on an Issue

Customers often support brands that share their values, so incorporating your own values into your business practices and image can help to target likeminded clients. That might mean stressing your use of eco-friendly practices and products, or publicly contributing to various causes and charities. It doesn’t have to be political, either – a focus on safety, for example, can factor a lot into a brand image (just think about Volvo!).

#3 Do Something Different

The whole point is differentiation, so thinking outside the box can go a long way. You don’t have to adopt a mascot in lederhosen like Pillsbury recently did for their newest Toaster Strudel campaign, but using some humor and memorable imagery can instantly cement your brand’s personality.

#4 Have a Cohesive Story

Branding is all about storytelling, and while your brand’s personality can and should evolve over time, you definitely want it to remain consistent enough to be easily recognizable. Identify your brand’s purpose and, indeed, what personality you want your brand to have. Go into every new piece of content with a plan, a reason for producing it, and a vision of how it fits into your greater image.

Have you had success with creating a personality for your brand? Share your experience with us in the comments section.

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