Does Your Marketing Firm Use In-House Content Marketing?

Content marketing for the marketing industry… it’s like telling an auto mechanic to change the oil in their own car, or telling a dentist how important it is to get his teeth cleaned.  Nevertheless, there are a surprising number of marketing firms out there that fail to take their own marketing advice when it comes to their own business.

Usually, the lack of a content strategy isn’t due to ignorance or laziness.  Rather, many marketing firms are so swamped with client work that they forget to take care of their own in-house marketing needs.  If it sounds like I’m describing your marketing firm, then listen up!  I want to introduce you to some foolproof ways to get your own content marketing plan up off the ground and generating business conversions!

Use Your Blog to Tell Stories

Your marketing firm’s blog can be used to share case studies, industry statistics, and all that other good stuff.  But, if you really want to stand out as an exceptional company, I recommend you use your blog to tell stories.

After all, good marketing is telling a brand’s story.  So, why wouldn’t you use your blog to tell your own story?  To check out a great example of a marketing firm that does this, I’m happy to point you over to Proof Branding in Nashville, TN.

Their blog doesn’t scream “check out this Infographic” or “follow us on Twitter.”  Rather, Proof Branding does a great job of sharing stories with a voice that you won’t find anywhere else.  I have to imagine that the business conversions are following!

Create Unique Blog Posts

Seriously – you can do it.  Unique blog posts.  The web is flooded with content; why should anyone consume yours over a competitor’s?  If it isn’t unique, then there’s no reason at all.  Give your readers content that can enrich their businesses.

You may be writing for other marketing firms, or you may be writing to pre-qualify new clients.  Whichever audience you choose to cater to, make sure it’s clear from the outset of the post who it is that you’re trying to help!

Great potential blog posts include:

  • 7 Ways Twitter Can Boost Your Revenue
  • How to Create Compelling Content in One Hour
  • 37 Blog Posts to Kick Start Your New Website

Obviously, my examples are just skeletons, but you can modify and elaborate on ideas like these. Give your readers material they won’t be able to find anywhere else!

Repurpose, Repurpose, Repurpose!

Sometimes I feel like a broken record, always harping on this idea of repurposing content.  But, the truth is, repurposing content is one of the most effective strategies you have.  Repurposing allows you to work smarter, not harder.

Take a blog post (or any popular piece of content) and turn it into something totally new that can reach a fresh audience with just a little repurposing.  It might take you an hour and a half to write a 1,200-word blog post.  But, I bet you can repurpose it into an 800-word blog post with a different angle in 45 minutes!

You’re a B2B Company: Focus on Pain Points

While I wouldn’t advocate tossing all of your emotional pulls out the window (just remember our example of Proof Branding), you should market your services with a focus on pain points.  Refer to this blog post I wrote over the summer for examples of how to balance the use of emotional pull and pain points in B2B selling.

It’s All About Timing

Lastly, in order for your marketing firm to be as effective as possible, pay special attention to when you’re posting content.  If you want to get your posting down to a science, then it’s essential that you check out the findings in this study from Search Engine Watch.

The post lists all of the sweet spots and dead zones throughout the week for posting to Facebook and Twitter.  For Twitter, aim for 1-3 pm, Monday through Thursday.  For Facebook, shoot for 1-4 pm, mid-week.  Of course, you know your target demographic better than anyone else.  So, in order to maximize your business conversions, it might be worth doing a little market research of your own in this area.

What other content marketing strategies do you see as easy and essential for marketing firms?

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