E-mail Marketing Tips for the Holidays

E-mail marketing tips for the holidaysThe holiday season represents a unique time of the year for marketers and advertising strategists.  Whether online or offline, the consumer audience is at its peak during this time.  People are ready to shop, shop, shop—and they’re looking to find the best deals!

Don’t miss this opportunity to reach your customers while they are hot!  Be sure that you are taking full advantage of this holiday season by taking note of the following e-mail marketing tips for the holidays:

1)     Remember that people are busy at this time of the year, so keep your newsletters short and informative.  If they are too long or dull, viewers are likely to skip right over them.

2)     Offer special holiday coupons to valued customers, or do a widespread promotion across your entire subscription list.  Coupons can be given in response to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, New Year’s, and any other winter festivity you can think of!

3)     In addition to coupons, holiday contests are a great promotional tool.  Send out an e-mail informing your younger audience of the chance to win a shopping spree, or target your older audiences with an offer of fine wine or dining.

4)     There are a lot of holidays coming up, and few businesses will be able to create promotions fast enough to keep up with them all.  Consider teaming with another business for your promotions. For example, if your customers purchase X product from Y company, they will receive a Christmas coupon for your products.  Similarly, if they purchase from your company, the customers will receive a coupon to shop at Y.

5)     Offer free gifts upon purchase!  Everyone wants presents around the holidays, and free gifts make people want to buy, buy, buy!  Make sure that you have a minimum spending amount attached to the free gifts, as you want this idea to increase profits, not decrease them.

6)     Be festive and joyful in your e-mail marketing content.  This is a happy time of year, so you want to keep spirits up rather than drawing them down!

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