The Psychology Behind Black Friday

Consumers around the country rush out to stores the day after Thanksgiving, but why are they so quick to embrace this day of sales? Research has consistently shown that sales are better on other days during the holiday season, but consumers still face huge crowds to embark on Black Friday shopping. The Examiner indicates that some Black Friday … [Read more...]

Neuromarketing: How Advertisers Are Getting Inside Our Brains

Neuromarketing has found its niche in the world of pop science and consumerism. Focusing largely on the pleasure center of the brain, neuromarketing works to appeal to our pre-conscious brains, hooking us into an advertisement before we’ve consciously realized it. But how does it work? What’s the science behind neuromarketing? Let’s take a look at … [Read more...]

Oyster’s “Photo Fakeouts” – A Creative Way to Sell Travel

Typical hotel booking and review sites like Expedia and often attach idyllic photos to their hotel descriptions and reviews. These sites promise the best hotels for the best prices – but travel booking underdog site Oyster (as in, “The World is Your Oyster”) believes differently. Oyster Gets Real – No Pictures Necessary Oyster has a … [Read more...]

Marketing Crisis Case Study: Nivea’s Racist Advertisement

When marketing your product or service, it’s critical to keep in mind the importance of compassion and sensitivity, and apply these concepts to every demographic you target. Unfortunately, a few years ago Nivea, the worldwide skin and body care company, launched an ad emblazoned with the slogan “Re-Civilize Yourself” in 2011. What Went Wrong The … [Read more...]

Avoiding Assumptions: How Racist Stereotypes Can Harm Your Marketing Strategy

When considering the audience for your marketing strategy, it’s important to remember that in all actuality, not that many people fit the stereotype of the white, middle-class “average American” – especially if you happen to fall squarely into that category. Targeted marketing does attempt to rectify these assumptions, but when companies and … [Read more...]

eBay vs Google Adwords: Who Really Failed?

Last week, eBay released a report stating that they were stopping their Google Adwords campaign and that SEM as a whole has little to no value. Of course, eBay’s indictment of SEM has caused ripples throughout the industry, leading other marketers to ask whether paid searches actually work. After eBay turned off their search engine ads in nearly a … [Read more...]