Email Marketing: It Still Works (and It Works Well)

emailThere are countless articles on the web today informing businesses and agencies how to best reach new customers. Using social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ seems to take much of the attention when it comes to said advice. However, one of the oldest (I mean old in internet-speak) methods of reaching customers has recently been shown to still be very effective; possibly even the most effective. That would be email.

Email Works to Land Customers

Bloggers and portals online have been discussing a new report which came out in late June but didn’t start getting picked up until July by most sites. The report is from Custora and it’s all about the effectiveness of email versus search, Facebook, banner ads, Twitter, and more.

To throw one stunning statistic out there, Marus Wohlsen on CNN for Wired remarks, “over the past four years, online retailers have quadrupled the rate of customers acquired through email to nearly 7 percent.” “So what?” you might ask. Well, compare that to Facebook and Twitter, two of the platforms that many in marketing say you should devote considerable time to, and which come in far, far lower. They’re basically about 1% or lower. Yikes!

Search Is King

One thing that remains true on the internet is the fact that as Marus again writes, “the most popular way to get customers was “organic search”… followed by “cost per click” ads. Search should remain an important part of any business or agency’s strategy to reach new customers, and that’s likely to stay that way for many years. But if you aren’t using email to reach new customers, you aren’t doing everything you can to grow your business or your client’s business.

Use All of the Tools at Your Disposal

There’s no silver bullet to getting new customers. The best way to ensure that your business keeps growing is to use everything at your disposal. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ help build your presence online and more importantly, your presence in search (especially Google+, you know, since Google is the head honcho in the search world).

Focusing your efforts on organic search and paid ads is always a safe bet, but adding in email, social media, blogging, and everything else involved in online marketing is the smartest and most effective method. These efforts add up to bring new customers in and keep loyal ones.

Not Sure Where to Get Started?

Figuring out how to handle all of these marketing tools, especially if you’re new to online marketing, can be overwhelming. Even businesses and agencies that have been at it for years can have trouble finding high-quality content to use for their clients. Content Equals Money is a one-stop shop for high quality content at great prices. We work with you to get the results you want. Get in touch with us and let us solve your content needs.

Are you surprised that email marketing is still much more effective at reaching new customers?

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