Make Your Local Search Strategy Evergreen

evergreen contentWhile many posts about local search are concerned with being current and keeping up with technology, small businesses also have to make their sites useful. Evergreen content means that the information is timelessly relevant, like an evergreen tree. A small business that generates successful evergreen content will gain an endless source of link building opportunities. With a little bit of maintenance, your evergreen content can be a valuable part of your website’s promotion for years to come.

Doesn’t Content Have to Be Current?

Of course you are going to continue posting new, timely content that speaks to the incessantly changing desires of internet users. But evergreen content has more staying power. The goal of evergreen content is to become a definitive source on a subject, something that will constantly be referred back to by users.

The most important aspect of evergreen content is its ability to still be relevant to your audience after a period of time, say a year from now. Even if the market changes and your evergreen content requires some tweaking, the bulk of the material should have value that won’t diminish.

What Makes Content Evergreen?

Many evergreen pages feature content that answers a question, explains a process, offers a definition. Essentially, useful, practical information. What makes this basic information stand out is your unique take on it. Your site’s evergreen content should incorporate the unique aspects of your brand that make it stand out from the competition. Present original, quality content that is infused with your personality.

Still don’t quite understand how to make your content evergreen? The first step is to take out timely issues, such as references to current news or events. You don’t want the information to seem old a year from now. Consider including multimedia content – images and videos are a poignant way to share information. Of course, don’t forget to optimize the evergreen page – you want the content to keep coming up in search engines so that it takes on a life of its own.

The most important step in producing quality evergreen content is to take Miranda Miller’s advice and invest time in making it awesome. A great post doesn’t just appear out of thin air. Take time to research your topic and devote time and energy to producing your highest quality writing.

How Long Will It Last?

Your evergreen content won’t stay evergreen without a little love. Review the content regularly to make sure that none of your information becomes out-of-date. Just like an evergreen tree, evergreen content will stay green its whole life with a little water and sun. Occasional updates will make the content seem fresh and current to the reader.

A consistently maintained evergreen page can last forever on the internet. Your other content should continue linking back to your evergreen content so that it continues to garner more appearances throughout the web. Produce quality evergreen content, and it will give you link building returns for years to come.

Have you incorporated evergreen content into your small business’s website? What are your tips?


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