Ex-Apple Employees Get Funding from… Google.

Ex-Apple Employees Get Funding From GoogleThe movers and shakers of the tech and social world – Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft – employ thousands of people. Some of these employees are extremely talented. Many of them are perfectly happy working for one of those companies; after all, they are some of the best companies to work for in the US. (Really, who would turn down catered lunches and ping-pong?)

Obviously, when employees leave those companies, they take with them their ideas, skills, and all of the information they learned while working there. Many times, they start their own businesses, and that is exactly what two former Apple iAd employees did. Now they’ve got some friends from Apple’s main rival, Google.

Google Pounces on Mobile Ad Company Adelphic

According to Anthony Ha at TechCrunch, “Adelphic Mobile…has raised $10 million in Series A funding led by Google Ventures.” Adephic Mobile was founded by two former Apple employees who worked on Apple’s iAd program. The company aims to provide mobile advertisers with more pertinent targeting and better information than what is currently offered.

It’s obvious that there is little loyalty from former employees when it comes to start-ups in the tech world. But there is more to take from this story than information about Adelphic Mobile and the fact they raised lots of money from Google. (Even though I do find that interesting.)

Mobile Advertising Set to Improve?

As Anthony Ha writes, since March, “We’ve seen the launch of a number of other mobile targeting startups,” some of which were also started by former Apple iAd employees. Might we be on the cusp of an evolution in mobile advertising? Possibly.

Agencies and analysts have known for a long time that people have been utilizing mobile technology much more frequently, and much more exclusively, in the past year or so. Mobile advertising and marketing could be an important area for agencies to focus on for their clients, but currently there are problems. It’s not as easy or effective as traditional computer-based advertisements.

Nick Wingfield for the New York Times writes that the biggest roadblock for mobile advertising is that “advertisers do not know much more about the audiences they are trying to reach other than the type of cellphone they have and the wireless network they are on.” Plus, advertisers have to contend with “limited screen real estate” and much simpler, easier to navigate mobile versions of services and websites.

The Future of Mobile Advertising Might be with These Companies

Companies like Adelphic, StrikeAd, Nexagen, Admobius, and many others will be driving the development of mobile advertising in the near future. For agencies, this is something to keep an eye on because there’s no doubt mobile use is going to – at the very least – be heavily used, if not continue to become a large share of how people connect to the web.

Mobile advertising with these companies is definitely something to keep an eye on. It might not be the best place to put many resources at the moment, but as targeting and data analysis gets better, mobile ads will eventually be as good as their bigger brother on computer-based ads. There is simply too much of a market to ignore. People will develop mobile ad technology in order to garner more customers. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how things develop before mobile advertising truly takes off.

As mobile advertising improves, do you have plans to use it for your clients?


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