Exciting News from Apple on the Very Near Horizon

The smartphone market is a tough, competitive market in which many of the big tech companies are involved. Even with small market shares, the field is rather profitable. When it comes to the operating systems which run these smart phones, no one has a more dominant system than Google. With Android, Google has been top dog in smartphone platforms for quite a while now.

But competitors like iOS from Apple are gaining ground. They might be able to gain even more ground in the near future. As of late last night, there’s news from Apple that their new phone, the iPhone 5, will be announced soon.

iPhone 5 on the Way, September 12th

Currently, according to Stan Schroeder at Mashable, “The two most popular mobile platforms now have a collective market share of 85.6%.” But when it comes down to dominance, Google is in the lead by quite a bit. Google’s Android system is in control of 52.2% of the market, which is a 1.4% increase over the last 3 months.

Apple, with its iOS operating system, currently controls only 33.4% of the market. This is up 2% from the last 3 months. It appears Apple is gaining a little bit of ground, but at that pace it won’t be enough to surpass Android any time soon.

But things might change with the iPhone 5. If you haven’t heard from the multitude of articles late yesterday concerning the issue, Apple has subtly confirmed there will be an announcement on September 12 concerning the iPhone 5.

Expect Smartphone Platform Changes

The gap between Android and iOS—which Apple wants to shrink—might be much easier to accomplish after September 12th. Consumers and analysts have been speculating for months that September would be a likely time for the announcement. All of the secrecy that Apple uses in regards to its popular products works in its favor. Speculation combined with curiosity and fan enthusiasm breeds media coverage. The tactic works well for Apple, and other non-iOS smartphone users are paying a lot of attention this time around.

According to Adrian Kingsley-Hughes at ZD Net, reports that a recent survey by Techbargains “suggests that 22 percent of existing Android users are getting ready to dump their handset in favor of Apple’s next iPhone.” Of course, if that happens, that could mean a huge percentage swing in the OS platform share of iOS vs Android.

Because Android runs on almost all Samsung, HTC, and Motorola phones, this could be a small blow to Google. Apple has just recently given a blow to Samsung after winning its recent court case over patents and copying. Stealing a large percentage of the smartphone market will be pretty impressive for Apple.

Future Smartphone Developments

Apple always manages to generate buzz, hype, and excitement by doing almost nothing. Its brand has become so strong that merely the hint of new information sends the net into wild speculation and commentary. If Apple can manage to snag a big share of the smartphone market with the iPhone 5, I think they will keep that control for quite a long time. I don’t see any other smartphone manufacturer with the ability to generate as much hype or raving fans as Apple can. Many, many people now know when the new iPhone is coming out. How many people know when HTC, Samsung, or Motorola’s next great product comes out? I’d say not many.

You won’t be able to miss the news on September 12th. Every media outlet is going to be covering it. It’s going to be interesting to see how Apple’s competitors respond.

How do you think Apple can create so much buzz about its products by barely lifting a finger?

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