Facebook Ads Are Much More Effective on iOS Than Android…By A Lot

facebook on androidA new study has released the numbers on how Facebook ads are performing on both desktop and mobile, and the results are staggering. When it comes to iOS vs. Android, Facebook ads generate 1,790% more profits on iOS. This massive number is almost unbelievable, especially considering the fact that advertisers pay fairly similar costs for both platforms. Why the discrepancy? While the answer is uncertain, experts are chalking it up to iPhone users having more money, on average, than Android users. For brands, this means that your attention should absolutely be turning to the iOS market.

The Numbers

The study focused specifically on retail advertising, and it was conducted by Nanigans, which is one of the largest buyers of ads on Facebook. Nanigans surveyed more than 200 billion Facebook ads, a huge sample size that shows that this finding of Facebook ads being 1,790% more effective on iOS than Android cannot be ignored.

Also key are the numbers on RPC (revenue per click) and ROI (return on investment). On iOS, RPC was 6.1 times greater than on Android, and ROI was 17.9 times greater. For Android, Facebook ads actually led to a negative ROI, with a 10% loss for advertisers, while iOS brought a profit of 160%.

Despite the huge discrepancy, the cost of Facebook ads in terms of CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is $4.99 on iOS compared to $4.87 Android. In terms of CPC (cost per click), the cost is slightly more reflective of the disparity, with iOS as $.40 and Android at $0.18.

The Question

Even after publishing this data, the SVP of Nanigans, Dan Slagen, stated that the company was “on the fence” about putting it out there due to its potential for controversy. While they decided not to voice their ideas about why this discrepancy exists between Facebook ad profits on iOS and Android, other experts in the field have. Venture Beat argues that essentially, iPhone owners both make and spend more money than those who own Android devices, which makes them more likely to click on ads and make purchases.

What This Means For You

What do these statistics mean for you? Well, when it comes to mobile Facebook ads, it is clear that brands should be focusing their attention on iOS devices rather than Android. The numbers on ROI really hit home, showing that advertisers are actually losing money by trying to reach the Android audience. It is possible that the advent of this data will lead to ad prices dropping on Android, but for now, it appears that advertising on iOS is your best and most profitable bet.

Does this news change your brand’s advertising strategy?

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