Facebook & Twitter Fight to Harness the TV Market

televisionAs I’ve discussed on this blog before, Facebook and Twitter have been sparring over who gets to corner the TV advertising market. With both social media networks experiencing huge surges in activity during major TV events and being able to provide broadcasting networks with invaluable data for their advertising strategies, Facebook and Twitter continue to make advances in their campaigns to dominate. Even Google is joining in the mix in a different way, reinstating Google TV as Android TV to become a major competitor with similar services, such as Apple TV. But why is the TV market so important right now?

Twitter Partners With Nielson

Twitter’s latest move in the realm of TV advertising is a partnership with Nielson. Nielson is now beginning to publish regular Twitter TV Ratings. These reports will analyze the number of tweets made about specific shows and what size audience is viewing them. These reports are a major step in Twitter’s campaign to give broadcasters more insight into the relationship between TV and Twitter use.

Facebook: Data Sharing & International Markets

On the same day this first report from Nielson was revealed, Facebook made an announcement about their next step in cornering the TV market. Facebook has developed international partnerships with 10 major networks in 8 countries, including India, the UK, and France. These networks will now have access to Facebook’s Public Feed and Keyword Insights APIs. Prior to this announcement, Facebook also revealed that they were starting to send weekly reports to major U.S.-based networks with data on Facebook activity that is related to TV programs.

While Twitter is still ahead of Facebook in the TV competition, Facebook does offer incomparable data with 1.15 billion active users per month compared to just 200 million on Twitter. Furthermore, Facebook is able to include data on both posts and likes, while Twitter offers tweets, retweets, and replies.

Google Rejoins the TV Market

As Facebook and Twitter battle over TV advertising, Google has decided to re-launch their failed Google TV program as Android TV. Similar in scope to Apple TV, Android TV will run on the Android platform, allowing it to run apps. By updating Android TV to the latest operating system, Google will enable developers to utilize the same APIs that they can use on mobile Android devices.

Why TV Matters

Why does the TV market matter so much for all of these tech giants? The reason is that TV still remains the largest contender in the advertising business, taking in about $70 billion each year. Even with growing online options, people are still spending significantly more time watching shows as they are broadcast live on TV.

By working with both TV networks and social media networks, advertisers can not only air ads and hope they reach their target audience, but also follow up with these ads on social media, targeting those who are discussing the show. TV appears to be here to stay, and the best way for Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others to grow their businesses is to take advantage of it.

How does social media’s focus on TV advertising affect your business?

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