Facebook’s Latest Focus: Better Mobile News Feed Ads

facebook likeOn Monday of this week, I posted on the CEM blog about one of the latest ad spending reports to be released. The focus of the post was the importance of mobile and the growth of global ad spending. Facebook is a prime example of a company helping to make mobile advertising work, and work well (while making quite a profit). The latest from the social media giant are mobile ads that can link directly to another companies’ app to smooth the transition from news feed ad to conversion.

Facebook Sees (More) Money in Mobile

Any business or agency looking to start expanding into more of a mobile advertising mode may want to look to Facebook. On the heels of great advertising growth and many recent changes that have been proving rather profitable, Facebook recently took a look at its highly successful mobile news feed ads.

On Tuesday, the company revamped how its mobile app install ads work. Now, as Jennifer Van Grove writes on CNET, “developers can do more than just drive new downloads of their iOS or Android applications.” Now businesses, using Facebook’s mobile ads, can target those who already have their app and create a “deep link” that will make for a very smooth transition from Facebook to app and more importantly, from awareness to purchase.

Calls to Action Improved

Part of the change to Facebook’s mobile ads is better calls to action. Before, many of the ads shown on Facebook’s mobile page made rather boring requests such as “Open Link” or “Use App.” I don’t know about you, but those sorts of calls to action make me continue scrolling down my news feed.

I have to admit, a year or two back when I started to notice mobile ads increasing in number on my mobile Facebook feed, I though to myself, “How the heck do these things make them any money?” The improvements in ad design as well as the improved ability to target mobile users with ads that are actually relevant is working. I’m usually fairly skilled at ignoring and bypassing advertising, but I find myself spending more time looking at the ads that show up on my feed lately. Facebook really is doing things right, and the new calls to action will certainly bolster the effectiveness of their mobile ad offerings.

Facebook’s Mobile Ads Are Very Popular

Combined with its increasingly improved custom targeting (thanks to all of the data it has on its users) these changes are part of a continued pattern of smart decisions out of Zuckerberg and his team. Businesses and agencies have found the mobile ads increasingly effective and their popularity is rising.

Facebook ads have driven 145 million app downloads and “8,400 advertisers used the ads in Q2, up from 3,000 in Q1” as Peter Kafka at All Things D reports. Mobile ads have been a major driver of Facebook’s recent growth and it looks like that trend is only going to continue in the future. Maybe it’s time for your business or agency to take a look at whether Facebook’s mobile ads can help you?

What do you think about Facebook’s mobile ads? Can they work for small business or is it a domain for the big boys?

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