Facebook for Every Phone Reaches 100 Million Feature Phones

facebook for every phoneWhile feature phones, often called “dumbphones,” seem to have gone out of style in the US, Facebook has taken advantage of the large market that feature phones actually do provide. With its feature phone application, Facebook for Every Phone, the social media network recently announced that it has gained over 100 million new users. Reports are noting that the dumbphone market is actually a huge opportunity for development, since smartphones already have applications for Facebook and every other social media network readily available. This is especially useful for markets outside of the US, where feature phones are more widely used.

Facebook…For Every Phone?

It may be difficult to believe, but particularly in countries outside of the US, feature phones are more widely used and are becoming much more advanced. Many of these phones are as cheap as $20, but they still provide internet access. Facebook for Every Phone is obviously not as advanced as the typical smartphone application, but it offers popular features such as the News Feed, messaging, and photos. It does not yet offer advertising space, but ad integration is in development as Facebook for Every Phone continues to grow in popularity as well as technological advancement.

Advertising Outside the US

Notably, Facebook for Every Phone provides huge opportunities in markets outside the US, particularly India, Africa, and Latin America. In many of these markets, Facebook is considered to be “the internet” rather than sites such as Google or Yahoo. Because of this mindset, users are eager to access Facebook on their mobile devices; however, feature phones are significantly more widespread than smartphones due to their low cost. This gives Facebook the advantage in foreign countries.

However, mobile advertising revenue only accounts for 30% of Facebook’s ad revenue, and many wonder how lucrative advertising on feature phones will actually be. Despite skepticism, Facebook for Every Phone will still reach billions across the world, and this large market of consumers should not be ignored by advertisers. With mobile advertising continuing to develop, Facebook for Every Phone will certainly benefit advertisers looking to expand their profits outside of the US.

Do you think Facebook for Every Phone will benefit your business?

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