Facebook Makes Change this Week Marketers Will Love

Ah, Facebook. That powerhouse of social media is in the news once again, but not for stealing valuable minutes of your workers’ time. If you’ve been following Andrew’s posts about Facebook, you know that the company has had an interesting time since going public. Facebook needs to get moving in terms of innovating and generating revenue. Now, it looks like they are taking steps in that direction. With the news they announced yesterday, it looks like they are taking steps in that direction.

So, What’s New?

Via their July 23rd post on their developer’s blog, Facebook has rolled out three new marketing tools for its users’ pages. First is the ability to schedule page posts. This allows admins to “create a page post and schedule it to be published at a future time that is between 10 minutes and 6 months.” That’s a great ability and long overdue for people using Facebook to generate social media-based conversions.

Second, the ability to post unpublished page posts. I know, that sounds strange, but don’t think too hard about it. This means that admins now have the ability to make “posts that can be promoted as sponsored Page posts, but they don’t show up on the Page’s timeline.” This way, you can easily and more specifically target certain groups within your audience with social media content writing or other messages. Joel Falconer explains the importance of this move: “now it seems that Facebook has adopted the tactic of monetizing more advanced marketing tactics such as segmentation of your Page’s audience.”

The third change is an improvement on the admin permissions information. To quote Joel once again, this change means that “now you won’t need to give a third-party monitoring or management app more permissions than it needs to do what you want it to do.” This change gives you more control as a full administrator while also providing enough control for sub-admins to do their jobs just as effectively as before.

All of these changes are good for Facebook. They allow them to become more all-inclusive as users will no longer have to use third party apps to manage their pages.

What Took So Long, Facebook?

Why—besides the obvious usability reasons—did Facebook make these changes? They need to avoid marketers jumping the advertising ship in favor of social media content writing or content marketing. GM did this exact thing a few months ago, which Renee covered. They pulled their advertising dollars in favor of a more direct content marketing strategy on Facebook and their other social media tools.

In addition to that, Mark Schaefer (author of ROI:Return on Influence) recently said in a Mixergy interview that “almost every business owner today [thinks] their default position on a marketing plan is a Facebook page, right? I mean, it is very difficult to market on Facebook. It is very, very difficult. It’s extremely time consuming and can be very costly both in terms of time and content.” That’s a serious statement to make about what most people assume to be the golden standard of social media and marketing.

But it’s, true. The changes from Facebook demonstrate an understanding of this issue. They are trying to make marketing easier for everyone so that as a marketing platform, Facebook doesn’t fall behind.

Like Mark Schaefer said, marketing on Facebook is “very, very difficult.” If you’re living in the difficulty he’s talking about, consider a writing service like us to help you get over your “marketer’s block.” All you have to do is hit “schedule.”

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