Facebook (Finally) Adds Embedded Posts As Stock Price Rebounds

facebook ipoLast week I wrote about the excellent second quarter results that got everyone talking about Facebook again. Yesterday afternoon even more good news for Facebook broke and I think the company is poised to really take off for the rest of 2013 and into next year. The latest news from Facebook is that they now offer embedded posts.

New Embedded Posts

So you might be thinking that Twitter, Vine, YouTube, Instagram and other popular platforms have offered embedded posting for years, what’s the big deal with Facebook finally offering that ability? With everything that Facebook has done in the last year to improve its appeal and effectiveness to advertisers and the public, embedded posts look like the final piece of a huge shift for the company.

Mat Honan over at Wired understands the importance. He writes, “At some point, [embedded posts are] going to mean Facebook infiltrating Tumblr, WordPress, your local news station, basically anything on the web. It’s the inevitable end of the walled garden.” There you have it, Facebook is ready to spread throughout the web with its embedded posts.

For the longest time, Facebook has insisted on keeping itself out of the greater open web. Oddly, as Mat notes, there are no plans (yet) for Facebook to monetize embedded posts. I think the exposure and bringing more traffic back to Facebook from the posts will be enough initially to woo even more advertisers. Do take a look at Mat’s article as he goes into some interesting details about the changes.

Has Facebook Finally Arrived as a Public Company?

Facebook has come a long way since its shaky and relatively scandalous IPO last year. The company has been making improvement after improvement to change into a more public-minded company, and each change has brought it slightly more success.

With the latest embedded posts news as well as last weeks’ earnings reports, Wall Street finally thinks that Facebook is deserving of its IPO price. As Sam Gustin writes on TIME, “Sixteen months after its Wall Street debut debacle…Facebook breached its own $38 IPO price Wednesday.” As of this writing, the stock is hovering just under $38.

Keep an Eye on Facebook

Whether you’re a business or agency, you should probably start keeping a close eye on Facebook and how you plan to utilize it in the future. If Facebook can keep up this pace of improvements and success, it’s only going to get easier to reach customers, build your brand, and advertise to millions of potential customers on their platform.

What do you think about Facebook’s embedded posts and the fact that it finally has reached its IPO price?

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