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facebook pages mobileThe mobile internet has been getting a lot of press lately, and for good reason. Mobile is poised to grow rapidly in the coming years. Many of the biggest companies on the internet are paying attention, just like a variety of businesses and agencies. The largest social media site in the world, Facebook, has been making changes to their mobile Pages in addition to the many changes to search and advertising it has recently made.

Borrowing from Yelp

In an effort to remain highly attractive for businesses and agencies, Facebook has been making a lot of changes and improvements to its platform. Recent news covered the possibility of video ads in the news feed as well as enhancements to its search. Now Facebook is touching-up its mobile pages offerings.

According to Jennifer Van Grove at CNET yesterday, the “mobile version of Pages” has been upgraded to “better match the needs of people who access them on smartphones.” These improvements are all designed to help make the mobile Pages for businesses more useful and practical to the user.

Facebook has shifted the information on a business’ Page. Now location information, check-ins, sharing, and other important info is readily available right away; the user won’t have to look around to do any important task on the mobile Page. Facebook even went out of there way to improve the administrator’s page to make it easier for businesses and agencies to manage their mobile Pages account.

Even More In-Depth

It appears that the changes to mobile Pages is a bit more complicated than simply shifting access and information around. As Sarah Kessler writes on Fast Company, “redesigned mobile Facebook Pages will look slightly different depending upon whether a Page owner categorizes itself as a brand, local business, city, or in any of several other categories.”

This means that these latest upgrades by Facebook have really taken into consideration the mobile user’s perspective. There are certain reasons a Page for a brand, business, or location are accessed and it appears Facebook has been able to prioritize the reasons in how the Facebook Page is displayed. That means that users will want to continue using Facebook as their primary source of information on their mobile device. This model syncs well with the new Facebook Home and its attempt at nearly full integration on android devices.

Mobile First?

With these latest changes to mobile Pages, Facebook may be embarking on a new shift in focus. As Lauren Indvik writes for Mashable, Facebook may have a “new commitment to “mobile first” design.” In almost every case in the past, Facebook has always redesigned or upgraded its capabilities on the desktop first, and then touched the mobile side. Now they’ve started with mobile, and it very well could be the future for the company. If they are hedging their bets on mobile so strongly, it might mean it’s worth reevaluating your business or agency’s focus on mobile, as all signs show that it’s going to increase.

What do you think about Facebook’s focus on mobile? Is it the right direction for Facebook in order to best serve the businesses and agencies relying on the site to reach customers?

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