Facebook’s Jobs Board Threatens LinkedIn

Facebook went public in mid-May. The IPO had an interesting start; I know I was expecting the price to skyrocket. It didn’t happen. Shows how much I know about the stock market. Fellow CEM writer Andrew certainly had a bit more insight than I did. But at least I learned a few things about its interesting performance after the fact. I learned that Facebook is going to need to figure out new ways to generate revenue and traffic to keep their company attractive to investors sooner rather than later (thanks again, Andrew). Turns out they’ve taken one step in that direction.

So, what’s next for Facebook?

Facebook Jobs is coming. According to Forbes, “Facebook Jobs will be an aggregator which pulls in job postings by third party providers and makes them available in one place.” The Jobs Board could be launching as early as next month! Facebook is planning to use the variety of jobs apps already in use and probably some of their own ideas to create a jobs section on their site. Facebook already has lots of information about its over 900 million users and it can use that to tailor this new Jobs Board to each user. They are aiming to be a total jobs solution for users. This could prove to be serious competition to LinkedIn, the professional social network of over 150 million users.

But, the future is never certain. LinkedIn may end up not taking a hit from Facebook’s new venture. Angela Moscaritolo at PCMag claims that what will likely happen is that “many users will want to keep their personal and professional profiles somewhat separate.” Personally, this seems likely. Most people already have separate accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn for that exact reason. Although, when it comes to the internet, anything can happen. Time will tell, I suppose.

Two implications of the Jobs Board

First of all, when it comes to the movers and shakers of the web, Facebook and Google are two of the most significant. This new Jobs Board will bring hundreds of millions already using Facebook and perhaps millions of new users to their service. Any business with an online presence or looking to get online needs to consider using Facebook as part of their strategy. A 900 million-person user base is like a pot of gold! The world of business and content marketing needs to pay attention to big changes like this. At CEM, we definitely are. Facebook thrives on its targeted and user-specific ads, along with content that can be generated through conversion writing and other marketing services.

Second, the Facebook Jobs Board is just another indication of the direction consumers are going. The web is becoming bigger and more powerful than people could have imagined and it’s likely to continue to do so. It’s still an ideal time to move business online or expand business presence online. So if you’re one of those people who haven’t made the leap yet or really solidified your business’s position online, you might want to think about what reaching 900 million people can do for you.

Who knows, come this time next year, your newest employees might have come from Facebook Jobs and your newest customers from the web.

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