Fall for these 8 Back-to-Cool Web Presence Essentials

Fall is on the horizon. Among the apples, pumpkins and sweater weather, one of the best parts of the season is the opportunity to revamp your identity. Whether it was a new pack of Crayolas as a kid or a new wardrobe as an adult, fall is a great time to hit the refresh button on life. Check out our list of web presence must-haves that business owners and marketers should add to their Cool Supply list this autumn.


#1: A Fresh Look

There’s no better time to try out a new style. Take a peek around your website and see what you can primp. Perhaps it’s time for a new color scheme or icon style? Or maybe an entire navigation structure overhaul? Other companies may be looking to trim the old logo or add a new set of high-resolution images. Shop around the font section or browse graphics for some of the best online accessories to top off your new look. The benefit to a new look is that customers will perceive your brand as fresh and modern. Leads that didn’t convert in the spring will think twice for September’s purchases.

#2: The Coolest New Products

Reimage old products and showcase new ones with the most effective applications in product display. Don’t have an e-commerce website? Consider showcasing your products on the online red carpet this fall. Be sure to get your company in the black before Black Friday. Already selling on the web? Update your product page with better photos, enhanced product descriptions, and video tutorials. This is the best time to create a micro-site for your latest product campaign.


#3: Conversation Starters

Employees and marketers responsible for the company blog should consider arming themselves with a list of titles and topics to last through the winter. Write about the latest industry news or take a seasonal approach with some pre-holiday chatter.  Offer valuable, media rich content to engage customers and accelerate site traffic. Also consider themed posts such as “Friday Finds,” “Midweek Mythbuster,” or featured authors, which could include guest posts from reputable industry sources. Don’t be afraid to link to Forbes, Entrepreneur, or other online sources posting relevant content.


#4: A Social Status Upgrade

Social media that is. Facebook and Twitter have been the big kahunas for years. If your profiles could use a kick-start this fall, consider adding a catchy bio or devoting more time to responding to customers. Also, consider profiles on Instagram and Pinterest if you haven’t yet. Fall is a great time to shed the ease of summer and get back to hard work. The payoff will come in the winter when revenue skyrockets due to the conversions harvested via social media. Be sure that your profiles are stocked with eye-catching photos and worthy posts.

#5: The Hippest Hangout

Since the days of assigned seating and lockers, location has been everything. Curb appeal hasn’t changed a bit. Only now, your company is in the market for the best real estate on the internet – the front page of Google’s results list. Invest in some much-needed SEO assistance this fall or a few carefully crafted PPC ads. With your focus turned toward Google’s algorithm, you could be moving to the top spot before the trees turn.

#6: A Friend with Whom to Pass Notes

The benefits of pre-holiday lead generation are many. What would a few, or a few dozen, new friends do for business finances? Whether leads or conversions are your cup of chamomile, take action with a brand new email marketing campaign or newsletter blast. Personalize communications and create priceless content, and then reap a crop of customers with every blast.


#7: The Latest Mobile Technology

Mobile responsiveness is an essential that customers not only appreciate but have come to expect as we move away from portable laptops, into a world of tablets, phones, and whatever else is next. Don’t get left behind. Mobile marketing is an essential part of progress, and savvy companies use every Google Analytics feature to understand customer behaviors.

Close up of friends using smart phones.

#8: A New Favorite Show

Videos are the richest morsels of media available. Bake these into your brand this fall and show off what you do in a way that appeals to busy web users. Video testimonials, company tours, demos, vlogs and the aforementioned product tutorials are just a handful of ways to sweeten up content for your website and blog, and offer a spectacular posting opportunity for your Twitter feed, too.


Fall is the perfect time to take off your shades and look around to see what everyone else is wearing and trying out for this year. Whether your business goes with the flow of fall’s in-fashion web presence trends or swims upstream to change the course of commerce, take this time to reevaluate your marketing plan and make the cuts and come-ups necessary to flourish.


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