How to Take a Blogging Vacay: Find a Guest Blogger

suitcaseIt happens to everyone. That feeling of “if I have to come up with something else to write I don’t know what I’ll do.” Running a blog is serious work, especially if your blog is a reflection of your business. Whether your blog is business or personal, every post counts. It’s a synopsis of you and your business, what you’re about, and what’s new in your world. So, it’s not always advisable to run off into the sunset without a little preparation. The good news is guest bloggers are out there by the thousands and ready to hammer out quality content. Let’s find out how guest bloggers can be useful for your business and, more importantly, how to find them.

3 Ways to Find a Guest Blogger

Your blog is your voice. Even when you’re not writing, your blog needs to be relevant to your brand and speak to your audience. Thus, finding a guest blogger should not be taken lightly. Here are three places to start your search for a guest blogger.

Monitor News/Blog Feeds: If you’re already blogging, you most likely have a substantial list of sources or places to go for the latest industry news. Have you noticed a trend in articles or blogs you read most often? Contacting an admired blogger directly with a simple note about your guest blogging opportunity can be a great place to start. Also, you’re already familiar with their ability, which saves time (and often frustration) in reviewing writing samples.

Use Google Blog Search: As Ben mentioned in a previous post, the Google Blog Search tool can be a valuable resource that meshes industry-related keywords and the top blogs found on the internet. For example, a quick search for “Content Marketing” produces numerous reputable content marketing blogs published on sites such as and

Hire a Content Writing Company: There are many companies that specialize in writing quality content within your company’s specifications, such as CEM. Hiring a content writing company is a quick and no-hassle way to get some fresh content on your blog. For those pressed for time, this is often the best option. Be sure you work with a company that hires well-qualified writers who can tailor content to your specific needs.

Guest Bloggers Can Spice Up Your Blog – and Increase ROI

Choosing a guest blogger for your business blog is a wise decision if you desire a break from the blogosphere. Prior to making your choice, it is important to do your research regarding a guest blogger’s published works to make sure they are the right fit for your company’s voice. Adding a guest blogger to your business blog can help increase traffic to your site, offers readers a fresh voice and new engagement opportunity, and (most importantly) increases ROI. Guest bloggers can punch up content with fresh ideas while using their internet presence to help increase traffic to your blog.

Have you hired a guest blogger in the past? Do you prefer to find a guest blogger or hire a company like CEM for your guest blogging needs?

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