Five Ways to Maximize your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn social media content writingThere are two primary ways that companies might use LinkedIn, the first of which is as a recruiting resource. Here, they are using LinkedIn to learn more about potential future employees. The second is as a networking resource. Companies often look to partner with other companies to accomplish goals, and even virtual assistants have become a very popular way for small businesses to get help in areas they don’t have expertise. For example, a small florist might find a company to develop its website, or a private counseling practice might seek writers to help develop materials and readings for its patients. In both of these scenarios, the company is looking to learn a little more about the company or individual they are considering entering into a new relationship with.

In learning your company might use LinkedIn as a way to build and learn about these connections, there are five, distinct ways to use your LinkedIn profile more effectively.

1) First, social networks are about connection. When a company is looking to hire a vendor for a job, they’d much rather hire a vendor who has connections within the field, because potential vendors who have connections are more likely to know where to go to find answers. They are also more likely to bring more connections to the company. Likewise, when looking to outsource a task to another company, you want to know this company is abreast of current practices and is active in the field they are working in.

2) Second, one of the most unique aspects of the social network in LinkedIn is that you can learn how active companies are. Every company has their most recent activity on LinkedIn displayed at the top of their company page and a more detailed list at the bottom. So, to show that you are active in the field, stay active on LinkedIn. As a company, link your blog to LinkedIn and post regularly to show that you are current and aware of issues within your field.

3) Third, fill out your profile. When people find you on LinkedIn, it’s important to show that you are thorough by having your profile filled in. As a company, have information that is going to be relevant to the clients that may find you on LinkedIn. Encourage your employees to fill out their profiles and link to your company page. Those links will appear in their profiles and give you more ways for people to find you and the products you offer.

4) Fourth, stay consistent. Just like any other social media content writing it is important for both long term success and first impressions that you stay consistent in your postings. If necessary, outsource your social media content writing to a professional content generation company.

5) Fifth, respond quickly. If you do get a message from someone on LinkedIn, respond quickly. Show potential clients that you are prompt and pay attention. Every interaction is an opportunity to impress people, so impress every time. You never know when a simple question may turn into a new client. You have put yourself out for the public to see, be ready to show them the side of you that you want them to hire. LinkedIn can be a great resource, but it can also be your downfall if you are not conscious and professional in your interactions there.

Social media content writing is here to stay. For those competing online, you must spend serious time in planning social media interaction. LinkedIn is a great opportunity to get connected and win quick respect. It just takes time and consistent work to build a profile that garners such a snapshot of success.

What strategies do you use for LinkedIn for business? Do you think these strategies are different for individuals?


This post was written by Jon Anscher, our new education writer here at


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Jon is an education vertical writer here at Content Equals Money. A relatively new member of our team, his flair for content writing services is evident in everything he does. He always goes above and beyond and brings a lot of passion to each new campaign.

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  1. LinkedIn is such an amazing networking tool. It also gives people the ability to research you before they talk to you – when you look at it that way you realize how important it is to have your profile up to date. Also, everyone should really think about what they have on their profile and how they are presenting themselves to would-be contacts/potential customers/employers.


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