Focus on Inbound Marketing: The Weidert Group

One of the key principles of inbound marketing is the idea of creating compelling content in order to attract qualified leads to you. Think of it like a magnet — that’s what the Weidert Group does.

Founded in 1980, Weidert is a full service marketing agency that specializes in inbound marketing. Though they are located in Appleton, Wisconsin, they have worked with local and international clients — and everyone in between. In addition, Weidert is also a certified HubSpot partner, which lets you know their inbound skills are sharp.

The Weidert Group Website

One look at their website confirms this. Weidert practices what it preaches.

When you arrive on the site, you’re presented with a clean, attractive page that catches your attention. A colorful sliding panel provides you, the visitor, with some interesting facts and numbers, asking how those apply to your business. The page also includes free offers right upfront. Eye-catching graphics offer you a free download on turning your website into a sales magnet, a free online marketing evaluation, and a free step-by-step guide to inbound marketing.

Let’s pause for a moment while we consider Weidert’s target market.

Weidert’s target market is the medium-sized B2B business involved with specialty manufacturing or specialty professional and financial services. In addition, they have also had success working with larger and smaller firms whose industries range from food to heavy manufacturing to healthcare.

Now let’s go back to their free offers. Notice that none of the offers limits Weidert to only working within their target. These offers are useful for anyone hoping to understand inbound marketing and how your business website plays such a big part in it. In other words, it’s clear that they’re aiming to educate, which is the hallmark of a great content strategy.

Something else they understand? Maybe not everyone has time to read through a document about inbound. Maybe they only have a few minutes, so hearing about Weidert’s take on IM might be a better choice.

The two-column design of the home page allows for some additional pieces of content in the left sidebar, which is where you will find links to their social icons and most recent blog posts. It is also where you’ll find this short video with Weidert president Greg Linnemanstons talking about the importance of inbound marketing and how it can work for your business.

So to tally it up, we’ve got:

  •  an attractive site with some interesting facts paired with thought-provoking questions
  •  eye-catching graphics offering free resources
  •  a video from the president (not about the company or their products, but about the value of inbound marketing itself)
  •  proof of a social presence.

Major IM points for Weidert!

Content Marketing and the Weidert Blog

Clicking through the site, you will notice that the sidebar content changes based on the page you’re visiting. This is a design with visitors in mind. For example, when you click on the Inbound Marketing page, you are given some brief information on what inbound is and how Weidert’s services align. If you want more information, you are again presented with the eye-catching graphics that offer you free IM resources.

Weidert clearly aims to educate on their site, which is the hallmark of exceptional content marketing. And in terms of educating readers, Weidert’s blog is a beacon. On it, you’ll find fresh, well-written, relevant content daily, contributed by their host of writers. The layout is clean and easy to navigate. In the spirit of good content marketing, Weidert also provides subscription options. No matter who you are or what industry you work in, if you’re looking for information about inbound marketing and what it can do for you, this blog will teach you something and keep you current on inbound trends.

And how receptive are their clients to content marketing?

According to Weidert, prospective clients are receptive to content marketing, though that client may not necessarily agree or be able to define what content marketing is. They know that they have a need or challenge, and they’re relying on search to find information that will help them. When prospects find useful content, they’re more receptive to establishing a relationship with Weidert.

The Weidert Group notes that understanding the search process is crucial. So many prospects rely on search to help them locate the information that they need, so Weidert examines this search behavior and provides relevant content to increase their visibility and credibility. As their prospects’ needs are met, the prospect generally becomes more receptive to similar solutions suggested during the final phase of the sales process.

And on the topic if the sales process, Weidert believes that effective content marketing satisfies a part of it. Echoing the principles of content marketing, they note that, in the age of online search, the sales process takes place differently than it did five years ago; that prospects are actively seeking to educate themselves and meet their own needs with content.

In terms of the sales funnel, Weidert says that quality, authoritative content — such as a blog — can nurture potential clients through the sales funnel. During this process, the business builds trust and credibility with the prospects. Though it’s different than it was in the past (there’s no direct interaction at the start, for example) and situations can vary, they believe that content nurturing can account for around 50% of the overall process.


The Weidert Group possesses a strong knowledge of inbound marketing — something that is evident as soon as you arrive on their page. The team there knows how to leverage inbound marketing techniques, especially content marketing and search strategies, in order to be found, and they practice what they preach. Their blog aims to educate, and their resources are practical and useful.

Point of contact

If you’d like to get in touch with the Weidert Group, visit them on the web at or send president Greg Linnemanstons an email directly:


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    2. Thanks for the fantastic coverage, Renee! We couldn’t ask for a better explanation of what we do and how we do it. Hats off to you for your journalistic skill. You’ve made a bunch of new fans here in Northeast Wisconsin.


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