The Future is Foursquare: Marketing Tips for Your Local Business

While location-based social media platform Foursquare has not been nearly as successful as experts predicted, it appears to be making a comeback. Foursquare’s revenue has improved drastically over the past year, and according to CEO Dennis Crowley, Foursquare’s mountain of data leaves it poised to dominate the mobile scene. But how can local … [Read more...]

Twitter and Foursquare Make Changes Businesses Will Appreciate

Both Twitter and Foursquare are powerful tools when it comes to marketing your business, large or small, brick-and-mortar or online. Yesterday, both companies made some great changes to their advertising policies or tools – and businesses are sure to like these changes. When advertising is made easier and more efficient, it's a good idea to pay … [Read more...]

Foursquare Draws Potential Investors

At Foursquare, rapid growth and increased profits are leading to a potential strategic investment in the company. While Foursquare failed to meet initial predictions for its potential success, a new advertising strategy has proven the company’s business plan to be viable. Drawing in significantly more revenue, this new advertising approach has led … [Read more...]

Small Businesses Can Now Promote Themselves on Foursquare

Foursquare recently announced a new feature that will bring even greater benefits to small businesses: self-serve ads. This means that small businesses that pay for the service will rank higher in the search results for potential customers who are in the area. Self-serve ads are a piece of Foursquare’s larger strategy to become more of a local … [Read more...]

Foursquare Testing New Rating System

There are many sites on the web today that can give you an aggregate rating of a business, restaurant, or just about anything. On most these sites, it's hard to know if the information can be trusted. Sometimes you wonder if robots are writing the reviews or it’s just the same person writing over and over again. But there are some sites that have … [Read more...]