Free Publicity for Your Business

Free Publicity for Your BusinessOne of the great things about online marketing is so much of it is free. Elbow grease goes a long way when it comes to building an online presence. Sure, having banner ads or a fresh design doesn’t hurt but at the end of the day connections are made via links and mentions. Do you know some of the simplest ways to get free publicity for your company/business/self?

Beyond Social: I had a fantastic call earlier this month from a man in South Carolina writing a book on content marketing. He saw my company’s twitter feed (@Content_Money) and sent me a DM with his phone number. We chatted for roughly an hour about my experience and he took down all my information. That’s one way to get in a book :

Comments: Sure leaving comments on blogs are good for backlinking purposes but their impact goes well beyond that. I can’t tell you how many LinkedIn connects or emails I have had based on comments on major blogs. I suggest you find 20-25 industry specific blogs and subscribe to them via email. Then as you have time, go through the list. Think of it as continuing education in your field… that might lend you some great leads!

HARO: Have you heard of It’s a lovely resource. And you can use it for free. Basically you are providing a quote or insight for blogs, articles, radio shows, etc. Journalists and writers post a need on HARO and anybody can respond. My big suggestion is to do some research on who is requesting your insight. What HARO forgets to mention is that anybody can place a need, which means occasionally it isn’t worth the time to craft a response. I have my VA look through the emails (they send a pack 3x a day) to wade through which are most applicable, and then I check out the site that is asking for a quote. Most of the time the site is fantastic and I want to bend over backwards to get my story/response/insight into the right person. This is how I landed an interview with and now they regularly syndicate our company blog. The added bonus to this syndication is that on average our blog posts are republished by 5 or more sites after they are put on the site. Definitely worth the 15 minutes I spent with HARO that morning.

Webinars: Everybody loves social networking, especially those companies that are putting out quality webinars. Which is an added bonus for those of us soaking up their freebie goodness. Most webinars have a twitter hashtag or a chatroom to go along with the webinar. This is for questions/comments during the session. I have two big tips when it comes to webinars:

1 – Use your company name when you are interacting in these rooms. I would never suggest you mess up the flow of the conversation or use the chatroom for self promotion… that’s just rude. BUT, that doesn’t mean you can’t ask a great question or provide an amazing insight. People love connecting and if they see your company name that’s just one more way to get your name out there. If you are in a paid webinar the same thing goes, plus the chances are higher that the audience will be similar the next time around.

2 – In the case of a twitter hashtag, you can easily connect with those people. Think about it, you instantly know A LOT about that person or company. Either they have a specific need or are researching a particular thing. Why were you in that webinar? Chances are the other people in it had a similar need! Start following them and see if they are potential clients or peers or both. Follow general twitter love protocol and you’re golden.

Running a business is expensive, so I hope these quick tips help you spread your brand without breaking the bank! Do you have any experiences similar to those mentioned above?

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Amie Marse is the founder of Content Equals Money. She lives in Lexington, KY with her two dogs: Billie and Lily. She has been writing content for her web based clients since 2005. She launched Content Equals Money in Oct of 2010, home of conversion focused content writing services. She loves to chat about small business development and how to make content equal money!

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    1. I have to jump in here. One of my pet peeves is when people say “publicity is free.” It’s not; not ever. Why? Because our time is expended to strategize the program/campaign, execute on the program elements and ensure results are delivered. The outcome may feel like “free” because essentially it’s not pay to play (or advertising).

      Now, on the flip side…if your company is going to pull a stunt and the outpouring of publicity “happens” due to the stunt that may, indeed, feel like free, too. If the stunt was unplanned, I buy that; if it was a strategy to earn attention, then it wasn’t free.

      So, I totally went off on a tangent here, didn’t I? Sorry, but had to share my perspective being in PR as long as I’ve been.

      • Thanks for your comment 🙂 Yes, publicity is never really free because your time is worth money. These tips are mostly for things you are doing anyway and how to leverage them for publicity 🙂 The others are things that don’t cost you anything but a little time. I’ve found all of these tips are well worth the effort…but who am I to judge what your time is worth 🙂 Have a great week Soulati 🙂

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