From Your Smartphone to Your Wall: Instaprints Turns Instagram Into Custom Art

If you’ve ever used the super-popular smartphone app Instagram on your iPhone or Android device, you’ve probably seen them before: pictures that really make you say “Wow!”  With the rise of digital photography and camera-enabled smartphones, DIY photography and image processing is the leading business source for the photography industry. It only makes sense that Instagram would hop on this trend, and now you can cut all the guess work and extra effort out of having Instagram photos printed for yourself—or for others.

Entrepreneur Seab Broiher’s “Instaprints” launched just yesterday, and offers elaborate printing and finishing options for Instagram users’ photos. Instagram currently boasts over 40 million users, and their recent purchase by Facebook means that there are millions more users soon to come. Instaprints allows these users to start selling their photos as beautifully framed posters and artwork, all while getting a cut of the sales for themselves.

“In less than a minute,” says Broiher, “any Instagram user can join, import his or her portfolio of images and immediately begin selling them.” Photos can be finished with a wide variety of mattes and framing options for any style. Payments are accepted via PayPal and earnings are paid out to users once monthly. Instaprints also lets users follow their favorite accounts, share discussions and chat online, leave comments and advertise local events.

Instagram is a major driving force in how social media and smartphones change the way people interact online. The social media service is especially unique and completely different from Twitter or Facebook in that it lets users capture moments in time rather than just writing about them. Special photography filters add an element of mystery and spontaneity to updates, and Instagram users love sharing these moments with their friends and online followers.

What’s more, brands and businesses have slowly experimented with Instagram as a unique social media platform to connect with their customers. Sharing special moments with friends isn’t just limited to personal use. Chances are your employees probably already have a smartphone that can run Instagram if they aren’t already. Instagram is free to use and Instaprints is free to sign up on. Why not cash in on that opportunity to make something special and share it with the world? Businesses willing to experiment with social media tend to attract a very energetic, loyal crowd of followers.

Small businesses and photographers looking to make a little extra on the side with just their photographs can hop on Instaprints and start earning money today. All it takes is a little imagination, an eye for photography and a smartphone.

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Andrew Glasscock is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. He graduated with a BA in English, specialized in Creative Writing, with a minor in Marketing this past May. Along with copywriting, he loves being an improv comedian, playing frisbee, and dogs.

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