Full Service Newsletters

Struggling with Newsletters? We’ve got you covered!


We are super pleased to announce that Content Equals Money has partnered with MyEmma.com to offer you newsletter services from start to finish.

What does this mean? Let’s take a before and after.

Before: We wrote your stellar newsletter content… and sent you on your merry way.

After: Now we can write your content, set up your newsletter, add istockphotos and the nifty stationery that MyEmma.com is known for and even send it off. We can set up trigger campaigns, a how-to series for your clients, anything. AND, since we are partnered with MyEmma.com we can offer you an awesome price!

Basically, we can do everything! Wouldn’t it be nice to take this off your shoulders?

Email Amie today to get started! In the meantime, check out how MyEmma.com can be your email marketing solution. Then we’ll show you how we can do all the work at a price you will love!

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