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Authority on the Web for small business copywritingIn order to establish yourself as a reputable internet resource, you must first maintain a foundation of authority.  Here, the term authority refers to many things, but they all relate to a website’s ability to engage users and generate profits on a wide scale.  While there are many ways to gain authority on the web, most of them rely on your small business copywriting efforts, especially your website content.

This article will discuss many efficient ways to increase your web authority through the use of various types of content.  You don’t need to use all of these to establish a successful web presence, but it sure wouldn’t hurt!

     Maximize Social Network Followers:  Your most easily defined audience on the web will be those users that follow your business through social networking media.  Popular platforms like Twitter and Facebook should be your focus, and you should post regular updates as frequently as possible to increase interaction. 

     Submit Press Releases:  There are numerous websites dedicated to press releases, such as, and they will all help increase your presence on the web, as well as improve your ranking on popular search engines through the use of backlinking.

     Listing Directories:  Ensuring that your business is listed on the most frequented directories can do loads for your marketing efforts.  Before you start rolling your eyes, let me clarify. I’m talking about the paid listing services, such as the Yahoo! Directory.  While Google Places is also a great source of exposure, potential customers place paid directories in much higher regard.  It may seem insignificant, but this form of small business copywriting can be very lucrative.

     Start a Blog:  If you haven’t already, you’re really missing out.  Not only will a blog give you a platform for answering questions, introducing new products and services, and making updates, but it also allows you to direct all of those things straight to an interested audience.  You will be keeping your customers happy with a convenient platform for regular communication, as well as increasing user engagement with interactive website content.

     Create an E-book:  If you haven’t noticed, e-books are hot right now.  They range in length and topic from the short and the sweet to the headache-inducing manifestos.  For the purposes of marketing, I recommend sticking with the prior.  Your e-book should either be directly related to your company, or directly related to your business, and should contain realistically useful information.

–    Write a Paperback: If you have a wealth of knowledge on your industry, why not write a full length paperback? With self publishing these days (check out it couldn’t be easier. Your clients and Google will take notice when you have an ISBN related to your name.

While all of this information may seem overwhelming at first, it really isn’t as time consuming as it sounds.  In fact, most of these services can be purchased from an external content writing service, like  Press releases, Twitter packets, and blogs are frequently outsourced to website content companies, so you can save your time and energy to strengthen your other marketing strategies!


What type of promotion do you use to increase your authority on the net? Have you noticed any that have lost their juice over the years?


This post was written by Serena, a long time staff writer of If you would like to have Serena as your ghostblogger, email us via

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