Get Social Media Based Conversions Via Contest

Get social media based conversions via contestWith the lightning speed success of popular social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, marketers around the nation are scratching their heads to find new ways to increase social media based conversions.  While there are many promising ways to achieve this goal, one of the most successful has been to organize promotional contests or competitions.

Types of Social Media Competitions

There are four basic types of contests in any platform, including social media:

1)  Basic sweepstakes, or “enter-to-win” contests

2)  Text submission contests  (ex:  submit an essay, or a “name this flavor!” promotion)

3)  Photo submission contests

4)  Video/music/alternative media submission contests

Ben Pickering discusses these types of social media contests, some pros and cons, as well as the best way to go about running them in his blog here.

Submissions Equal Conversions

The goal of organizing a contest is to get as many submissions as possible, because submissions are synonymous with social media based conversions.  In order to reach this goal, it is important to remember that you must make it as easy as possible for people to participate.

The more submissions you have, the more conversions you have, so marketing your promotion is important.  Use every available online and offline resource to spread the word, and offer additional incentives to those participants that will market for you.  For example, those who persuade five of their friends to join the contest will get an extra submission for themselves.

It is also important to encourage people to engage with your company over various internet platforms.  Promote your competition through social media networks, but require that interested customers visit your website to officially participate.  You can also offer additional incentives to those participants who engage through multiple social networking channels.

For further insight about how to increase social media based conversions, check out this great article in which Lauren Sorenson discusses five great examples of social media campaigns.  Number three even represents a great idea for a competition!

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