Google AdWords Update: Even Yahoo is On Board Now

Google Adwords UpdateThere are thousands of businesses and agencies that rely on Google AdWords as part of their online marketing campaigns. The service has been around for a long time and Google does a great job with it – how else could they pull in the revenues they do (I guess having 90%+ of the search market helps, too)? Yesterday, Google released an update to AdWords and here’s what’s new.

AdWords Update

According to Google’s AdWords Blog,Google rolled out “enhanced campaigns” for its AdWords service. One of the biggest concerns Google had been facing recently with its ads is the fact that users are constantly swapping and switching between devices. They check different devices at different times and are more (or less) active at various times throughout the day.

As Jason Fell writes on Entruepreneur, ” Advertising to the right people, on the right device and at the right time of day can be a multi-pronged hassle.” Now Google is taking AdWords a step further in terms of usability and analytics.

There are three main areas to the updates, laid out on the Google Blog, but a post on Mashable by Todd Wasserman does a great job summarizing. First, businesses will be able to take advantage of improved services in regards to “type of device, time of day, and geographic proximity.” A business will also be able to “vary its ads by the device on which it is seen,” giving advertisers more control over mobile, computer, and tablet advertisements. Everyone knows that the same ad won’t work perfectly across platforms! Finally, Google has implemented improved reporting and analytics so that you have a more complete picture of how successful your ad campaign is and has been.

Google made a nice short YouTube clip launching the enhanced campaigns. Be sure to check it out to get a gist of what’s new.

Yahoo + Google Ads

News out yesterday related to Google’s Ad services comes straight from Yahoo. According to Douglas MacMilan at the San Francisco Chronicle “Marissa Mayer has decided to team up with her former employer, Google.” Interestingly enough Yahoo is now going to use Google’s AdSense and AdMob in an attempt to improve sales from its own pages.

It looks like Mayer doesn’t have a problem working with Google, often seen as the unbeatable competition. Both companies will share profits on the ads, so it sounds like an interesting compromise.

Ads Upgrade Good for All

With Google’s new AdWords update, and an acknowledgement from one of its main competitors that Google truly does ads well, it might be time to consider using their services if you don’t already. If you are or have been a longtime Google AdWords user, get to work exploring how this new update makes things easier for you!

How do you plan to use the new Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns?


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