Google+ Gets A Major Overhaul With 18 Features Coming Soon

CEMG+1.jpgMany have questioned whether or not Google+ is still a viable social network. However, Google+ is dispelling those theories with huge sets of new updates upon new updates. Google+ recently announced the launch of 18 new updates, many for its Google Hangouts feature as well as video and photo sharing. With these 18 new features as well as newly released user metrics, Google+ is showing its importance in the social media world. But still, the question remains – how much time are users actually spending on Google+?

18 New Features

With 18 new features, Google+ focused mostly on Hangouts, video, and photo capabilities. For the Hangouts features, Google+ now allows users to more simply share their location using Google Maps by importing their device’s location directly from the app. Hangouts also enables SMS messaging now, which means that anyone who has a smartphone can chat with a Google+ user via text.

In addition, Hangouts will compensate for bad lighting during video calls, and several filters have been added to video as well as full screen support for desktop and mobile. If you use the On Air feature in Hangouts to broadcast a show, you can now create a dedicated watch page that allows you to schedule each episode, which benefits brands that may use this as a marketing tool.

Google+ also made significant updates to its photo and video sharing capabilities. The Auto Awesome tools received three updates: Action allows you to add a strobe-effect to your pictures, Movie creates editable highlight reels from your videos and photos, and Eraser allows you to erase unwanted people or objects from photos. This will enable brands to share higher-quality images and more interactive content on Google+. Google+ also updated the search tools for photos in your own and your connections’ libraries, and photo syncing has been improved for iOS users

CEMG+2.jpgNew User Metrics

In addition to its 18 new updates, Google+ also released new user metrics. According to these numbers, Google+ has 540 million active users (counting those who login through Gmail) and 300 million monthly active users in the stream, which refers to those who directly visit the Google+ app or website. In addition, Google+ sees 1.5 billion photos uploaded each week from users.

Despite these impressive user metrics, the Wall Street Journal wonders exactly how much time these monthly active users are spending on Google+. They note that the number of monthly active users refers to those who use Google+ at least once each month. While Facebook had 1.15 billion monthly active users during Q2, Twitter has 232 million for Q3. Facebook stated that 61% of its monthly active users use Facebook every day, but Google+ does not release data on its daily active users.

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