Google Maps Continues to Provide More for Users

Google has just recently added newer, more detailed sections of Europe, Africa, and Asia to its excellent Google Maps platform. Google Maps has been a priority for Google in the past few years, especially as competition from Bing Maps increases.  If you have ever used Google Maps on your PC or your smartphone to get directions, locate a business, find a subway station, or more, you know how amazingly useful this service is for getting around.

What’s New for Google Maps

Google this month has been taking users more in-depth to unique places with its Google Maps. A few weeks ago it updated its street-view for Antarctica, updating the views and photos of the original Antarctic expedition people view. Then, they unveiled the versatility of Google Maps by adding panoramic images of five of California’s national parks.

While the national parks and Antarctic updates are extremely interesting and rank up there on the “Wow that’s pretty neat” scale, this time around Google has taken its improvements to Google Maps in a more practical direction.

Traveling Soon? Google Maps has Your Back

The latest updates to Google maps cover Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lesotho, Macau, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, and Vatican City. That’s a lot of new detailed maps! Major spots of interest have been replaced and improved with highly detailed satellite and street view images. There are even 3D buildings added to the update.

Feel like traveling by sea? Google Maps has even updated its ferry routes in those countries that have them, especially Italy. Roads are clearer and better labeled with multi-language support. It’s a very serious overhaul of those countries.

So whether you’re actually lucky enough to take a trip to any of these places, you can be sure Google Maps’ information is up-to-date and useful. Or, do the next best thing. Take a virtual tour of any of these areas thanks to all of the new updates.

I’m really looking forward to more updates like these and seeing Google Maps continue to grow. Are you?

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