Google+ Opens Its Doors to Third Party Integration

soundcloud on google+In an interesting turn of events for the mostly closed social media platform, Google+ has announced integration with SoundCloud, the popular site for sharing all kinds of audio posts. SoundCloud can now embed directly in Google+, and this is actually the first time that Google+ has so closely integrated with a third party. Users await the potential announcement of more third-party service integrations with Google+, which would be a definite change in strategy for the social media network.

SoundCloud on Google+

Prior to Google+ adding this service, SoundCloud had already enabled signing in on their website with a Google+ account. Now, any Google+ user can embed a SoundCloud track directly into his or her posts. In response, many artists have already added SoundCloud tracks to their Google+ pages, such as Pearl Jam and Snoop Lion. This is not only a big step for Google+ but also for SoundCloud, which is continuing to expand with 40 million current users.

A Change in Strategy?

Google+ has been very closed in terms of third-party service integration in the past – in contrast to Facebook, its largest competitor. The SoundCloud integration indicates a big change for the Google+ strategy in the future. It is possible that, in order to catch up to Facebook in terms of user base and functionality, Google+ has embarked on a new course of opening up its platform toward greater use of third-party apps. This could draw more users to Google+ who may have avoided the network in the past in favor of the more integrated Facebook.

Predictions for the Future

Many agree that other third-party service integrations will be forthcoming from Google+. Here are some of the apps that I’m predicting for the future, all of which currently appear on Facebook.

  • Pinterest: Pinterest has quickly risen in popularity for sharing all kinds of products, particularly related to DIY projects, clothing, and events. Integration with Pinterest is sure to be widely popular on Google+ and would be a logical next step.
  • Groupon: If Google+ wants to go in the direction of adding promotions to its platform, Groupon would be a good choice for integration. This popular discount site offers a variety of deals that Google+ users could embed to share with their circles.
  • Hulu: On Facebook, the Hulu app enables users to connect via what they’re watching. Integrating Hulu in a similar way would be a huge benefit to Google+ in terms of the parallel advertising opportunities.
  • Pandora: After SoundCloud, another logical addition for Google+ integration would be popular radio site Pandora. Because this site differs from SoundCloud in terms of the way it shares audio, its integration would cover another base for Google+.

What third-party apps do you hope to see on Google+?

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