Google Plus Comes to Blogger, Brings Both Communities Together

On Monday, Google rolled out a brand new feature in Blogger that ties the popular blog platform directly into Google Plus. Users that have a blog hosted on Blogger can now link their account’s email up to their Google Plus profile and automatically share their posts directly to their social search profile. Google says that the new automatic functionality will let Blogger users take advantage of the social “ripple effect” that can help them spread their writings out to a wider audience.

This new feature isn’t an expected update, but it isn’t a surprising one, either. Google has touted the benefits of Google Plus for content producers and search engine marketers since the service was first created. This new cross-platform integration is just another new feature in a long list of future updates that will tie Google Plus more seamlessly into the Google Search experience.

Skeptics have questioned the usefulness and relevance of this update since it went live. If you’re still not sure how it works, or you aren’t sure how it can benefit you, keep on reading and you’ll see just how great this new update actually is.

How To Link Your Blogger and Google Plus Accounts

Personal bloggers with a Blogger page under their own name have been able to tie their Google Plus profile to their Blogger page for some time now, and already know just how useful these benefits are. With this new update, you aren’t restricted to your personal blogs anymore: you can link any blog you contribute to with a branded Google Plus for Business page for your business or organization.

To link your blog and your Plus profile, go to your Blogger dashboard and check out the Google+ tab. If you’re a personal blogger, you may already have options here, because your personal Google Plus and Blogger pages have been synced already. If your Blogger page is for a business, and you haven’t made a Google Plus page or you need to link your business Plus page with your Blogger account, the “Upgrade to Google+” button will help you get everything set up.

The Benefits of Syncing Blogger and Google Plus

We talk a lot about Rel=Author here, and while this isn’t the same exact thing, it’s designed to accomplish the same result. Linking a professional Google Plus page with a professional Blogger blog helps Google’s search crawlers associate each page with rich data points and relevant information. Google Plus used to be just for professional profiles, but since they’ve opened up for businesses now, making a business page is a great way to help Google put your company on the map.

For business owners, this means that Google is basically handing you a brand new tool to make your business more relevant and improve your search rankings quickly and easily. If your business doesn’t have a blog, you can start one in Blogger, link it to a Google Plus for Businesses page, and enjoy all the benefits of both sites for your search relevance. As you publish more content on your Blogger page, you’ll see your business page popping up more and more in search results—and so will your potential customers.

Do you have a Blogger account? How about a Google Plus profile for your business? If you said “no” to both, maybe it’s time to follow Google’s lead and help them help you earn more new leads online.

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    1. Happy to see that there are more chances for bigger content exposure. Products like G+ tend to give some hidden opportunities that the ‘Average Joe (men)’ can’t figure. And using Google Products in combination seem to give better user experience. The philosophy of reusable content could make you really powerful in the long race.


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