Is Google Poised to Dominate?

google stock priceThere’s a narrative that consumers and businesses on the internet have heard time and time again. The story that the battle for consumers is between Apple, Google, and Facebook is a strong one. Whether it’s valid or not to compare the businesses, people do it anyway. One can legitimately compare their influence on the web, as a fun exercise though. Recently (as recent as yesterday afternoon) Google has been getting a lot of press and attention for its performance, improvements, and initiatives.

 Google Cleaning Up for EU

A few weeks ago I posted about Google’s ongoing anti-trust case in the EU. They’ve had a variety of other cases ongoing in the EU related to privacy and patent injunctions as well. Stephanie Bodoni and Aoife White reported on Bloomberg that Google “may reach a settlement of a European Union Probe … in the second half of the year.” Having this monkey on its back removed will enable Google to be more aggressive in the EU market, which is good for Google.

Wall Street Analysts Have Their Sights Set High for Google

One of the most interesting stories about Google and its future success came out yesterday afternoon. As Joe Weisenthal reports on Business Insider, “Just yesterday, two separate analysts put $1,000 price targets on the stock.” This is a big deal, especially as Apple’s stock continues its downward slide. For a long time Apple had been the popular and visible benchmark for tech success on Wall Street. But now Google is the top dog of tech on that street. This gives Google even more clout in the business world.

The analysts had a variety of reasons justifying Google’s high price targets and they all relate to the services Google provides to consumers, businesses, and agencies. They mentioned mobile internet growth (including tablets), and that “YouTube is an underappreciated asset” when making its prediction, according to a report by Sital S. Patel on MarketWatch.

More Coming for Google

As if the above news wasn’t good enough for Google, they are continuing to reach milestones and push their brand and their business, in the real world and online. The Google+ Hangout service will reach a milestone this morning. NBC News reports, “Friday’s live Google+ Hangout represents one small step for NASA, one giant leap for the web-based videoconferencing tool.” Google has made it possible to have a Hangouts chat with astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

There has been a lot of news concerning Google’s Glass Project slated for release at some point this year as well. The latest on that came out yesterday afternoon in a report by Joanna Stern on ABC News. It turns out Google “is negotiating with Warby Parker” in an attempt to make Glass a more fashionable and attractive pair of “glasses.” It’s also rumored that Google might be releasing retail stores in the near future. They also just released a new touch screen chromebook. Man, has Google been busy this week.

Stage Is Set for Google

Every time I think things have slowed down when it comes to Google and the work its doing, I’m proven wrong. The company is pushing new platforms, services, and upgrades that online businesses will (and currently) utilize to improve their presence online. Google continues to make the internet more attractive for consumers and they are also making it easier for consumers to always be connected using variety of different platforms. The more users that are connected the better for Google and the better for businesses.

Do you think Google is worth $1,000 on Wall Street? What do you think of the company’s recent developments?


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