How Google Trends Will Help You Target Your Consumer Base

google trendsEver want to spy on internet users? Google Trends is an innovative technology that was released in August 2008 that allows you to become the “Big Brother” of cyberspace. This useful application will let you see what the world is searching for and the location they are searching from. Most importantly, you will be able to witness the entire evolution of major topics surfacing across the globe. Recently, Google Trends released a new function called “Top Charts,” which is serving as a huge marketing advantage for companies.

So how can this help your business? By utilizing Google Trends’ “Top Charts” you can see lists of real-world people, places, and things ranked by interest. These lists can be separated into different categories, including those specific to your industry. We live in an age where people keep pushing the idea that “content is king,” but do you really want to take marketing advice from the masses? Of course not! You want to stick out and be an innovator. It is important that your content is targeted to ensure you are optimizing your SEO – which Google Trends can help you achieve.

All of the data on Google Trends is updated in real time. This service is a way to immediately gain up-to-date access into the minds of your consumers. Here are a few ways, as suggested in Google’s Official Blog, that Trends can be utilized to help your company gain a competitive advantage on the market:

Keyword Research

Create a list of keywords using Google Analytics and Webmaster tools, and then use Google Trends to confirm your findings. Additionally, if you have similar terms such as “coffee houses” or “coffee shop,” you can search and see which one is the clear winner using the application. You can also take your keywords from Spyfu and run them through Google Trends to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck!

Website SEO

Your keywords might be outdated, so you should make sure they are still worthwhile with a quick check. Don’t waste your SEO investment. All businesses with a webpage should periodically check the keywords coded into their website on Google Trends to ensure they are not trending downward.

Content Generation

Experiencing a content writer’s block? Utilize Google Trends to help with your brainstorming session. Plug in terms related to your industry and explore. Pay attention to the rising keywords and use them to spark ideas for new content. If you are looking for a way to construct viral blogs, Trends is your answer. Zac Johnson from Dash Burst suggests taking a topic that is hot to the world right now, and applying it to your current business model. For example, he wrote a blog entitled, “The Branding Power of Miley Cyrus.” Figure out innovative ways to use popular culture to your company’s advantage, and your reach will skyrocket.

Content Calendar

If content calendars are not structured appropriately, they are essentially useless. It is important to back your calendars with research of cyclical patterns of trends. Use Google Trends to analyze these patterns and see when topics are trending upward. Content Marketing Institute notes that “birthday party ideas” and “baby shower ideas” peak in January – who would have thought?

Keep an Eye on Competition

Are you wondering how your company is stacking up compared to competitors online? Enter your company name into Google Trends alongside that of your competition. This will unveil who is a leader in the industry. Use this information to analyze what strategies the leaders are incorporating into their online presence that you are not.

If you are looking for a way to punch up your content, try Google Trends. Optimal SEO is crucial nowadays, so stay on top of competition by utilizing this application – plus it is free!

How does your business utilize Google Trends?

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