Happy 7th Birthday, Twitter

happy birthday twitterIf you haven’t seen the news already, one of the fastest growing and most influential social media sites on the web, Twitter, has just turned seven years old. Happy Birthday, Twitter! Although I personally don’t use Twitter nearly as much as I should, I do rely on it like millions of others for news, timely information, entertainment, and even for work.

Birthday Coverage

There is plenty of coverage in the media this morning about Twitter’s birthday. As Joanna Stern writes for ABC News, “since Twitter’s official public launch on July 15, Twitter has exploded, changing the way we interact with people on the internet.” She’s definitely right, and what better day to think about how much social media and Twitter have affected online marketing, businesses, and agencies as well.

But before we do, be sure to check out some of the more entertaining articles written for Twitter’s birthday. Some of these celebrities’ first tweets are hilarious. It’s good that celebrities have become much more clever and entertaining seven years later. For another great reminder of how relevant Twitter has been in the events that matter to us, check out David Knowles piece on Twitter’s seven biggest moments.

Twitter Always Improving

A lot has changed at and on Twitter over the last few months, and the platform looks as poised as ever to continue to expand and improve in its seventh year. Twitter has certainly been addressing its advertising power recently, and its financial reports have been good.

Twitter knows that it can balance user experience while taking important considerations for businesses and agencies. Last month I wrote about changes Twitter made to its advertising API and more recently about its steps to improve small business advertising. Twitter has been so influential that even Facebook is considering adding hashtags to its service. Timeliness is a big plus for Twitter and the more people use the service, the better it gets for businesses and agencies.

Although, not everything Twitter has done has been smooth for its users. Recently they announced they would be shutting down TweetDeck, a popular tool for managing tweets across platforms. Hopefully their in-house replacement will be as well-received as TweetDeck was for years.

Most recently, a new study finds that Twitter can even show how well other platforms are doing. Anita Li on Mashable writes that “more Twitter chatter correlates to higher television ratings.” I would think it’s fair enough to extrapolate that finding into the fact that as long as people are tweeting (good) things about your business, products, or brand, you’re setting yourself up for success.

More to Twitter Than Just Tweets

In a few years, Twitter has gone from a neat social experiment into something that has changed the way countries and people communicate and function immensely. Twitter has been championed as a pillar of free speech. Much credit has been given to Twitter for its role in organizing and aiding the revolutionary movements during the Arab Spring that began in early 2010, among many other events, disasters, and conflicts in our recent past.

I think NPR‘s Laura Sydell sums up Twitter’s success when she writes, “So far, Twitter’s export of American-style free speech values is turning out to be a profitable formula. The question going forward is whether Twitter can stay true to its mission of being a beacon of free speech and a commercial success.” Yes, I believe that is certainly the question going forward for a young Twitter. I for one hope they can succeed on both fronts.

What do you think about Twitter’s future? Can they continue to improve commercially and become more appealing for businesses and agencies, all while maintaining strong user engagement and support?


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