How to Capture Your Audience Like Harry Potter

harry potterWith over 500 million copies sold, the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling has become the most dynamic literary series of the past century. J.K. Rowling’s career-changing story has readers inspired to imagine the taste of butterbeer and calculate just how high you might be able to fly with the latest development in high-speed broomsticks. As an avid fan of the series, I’ve read all seven books at least three times and have noticed a few common themes that keep fans coming back for more.

If you want readers to virtually “line up” to absorb your new content, here are some tips to keep in mind from the Harry Potter crew.

  1. Have a Clear Voice. Harry Potter and his friends are consistent in their goal to fight evil and corruption without becoming evil themselves. This is one of the themes found in the J.K. Rowling series that lets the reader know exactly what these characters are made of when push comes to shove. Having a clear and consistent voice within your content is an essential part of keeping your audience’s attention.
  2. Be Your Brand’s Hero. Every good story needs a hero. The Harry Potter series is named after the story’s adolescent hero and focuses on telling his story, from his point of view. Is your content telling your brand’s unique story, or someone else’s? Effective content marketing involves creating content that serves as your brand’s hero. Your content should let others see the world from your brand’s view.
  3. Be Adventurous. Every audience loves when a story becomes exciting. Suspense is what keeps readers intrigued and sparks anticipation within your audience. In the Harry Potter series, the heroes are constantly battling the forces of evil, leaving readers to wonder what will happen next. While compelling content can’t be conjured in Potions class, it is possible to spice up your content with exciting news, hints about future releases, or a contest that encourages audience participation.

Can Your Content Compete with Harry Potter?

In order to capture your audience like Harry Potter and his gang, it is essential that your content projects a clear voice, uniquely represents your brand, and offers readers something to anticipate.

What is missing from your content? How do you reach your audience? Leave a comment to let us know!

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