Hashtag Marketing Success: 3 Things Your Consumers Need to Know

hashtag buttonHashtags have become a part of everyday language. Even during a regular conversation, participants can be found saying “#____” aloud to iterate their point. Hashtag marketing is becoming increasingly popular as a succinct way to communicate an idea, engage consumers, and start a trending conversation about your business. But if your target audience isn’t chocked full of teens and twenty-somethings, are they missing out on all the hashtag fun? In order for a hashtag marketing campaign to be a success, it is important to educate your audience on how and why to use hashtags. Let’s take a look at what consumers need to know.

Why Use Hashtags?

The majority of businesses already know the benefits of using hashtags. As Patrick discussed, hashtag use is a great way to reach a lot of consumers in a short amount of time. But do your consumers know why hashtags are awesome? In addition to staying in the social loop with friends and family, consumers may benefit from using hashtags to research products, monitor trends, and participate in company promotions and contests. Letting your audience know about these benefits is the first step in hashtag marketing success.

How to Use Hashtags

In order for hashtag marketing to take off, consumers need to be aware of how to use hashtags. Chris Messina, the inventor of the hashtag, shares his advice on how to use hashtags by pointing out that hashtags should be used “sparingly and intentionally.” Consumers need to know that hashtags are searchable, clickable, and useful. Arming consumers with this knowledge is a great way to increase hashtag use among your audience.

How Your Company Uses Hashtags

Is your company planning a promotion using hashtags? Are new products announced with hashtags? Does your organization use hashtags to simply communicate with consumers and start a dialogue? It is important that your target audience knows how your business specifically uses hashtags. This “sneak peek” into how your company uses hashtags will provide consumers with motivation to keep an eye out for your hashtags and use them accordingly.


Even the most comprehensive marketing plan can fail if your audience doesn’t understand the hashtag. For a refresher on how to use hashtags for your business, check out Daniel’s post. Providing consumers with valuable information on how and why to use hashtags, in addition to how your business specifically uses hashtags, can increase consumer engagement and interest.

How does your company use hashtags? Do your clients respond to hashtag marketing?

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